Marital Intimacy can be so complex. That can change for you.

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Post  Tue, Nov 07 2017, 10:38 am
Dear married Jewish woman,

A couple of months ago I sent out an anonymous survey asking women what were the main challenges they faced in the intimate part of their marriage.

Here are some struggles that women shared:

-"I feel like it's another thing on my long "To Do" list"

-"My husband will be emotionally distant for days, and then turn around and want to be close"

-"we approach this subject so differently, it causes so much tension between us"

-"It feels so... unspiritual, low. I just don't get how this can be something holy”

-"I'm there for my husband. I don't see what's in it for me"

You might be able to relate to some of these feelings, or it's all working well for you but you wish to take your marriage to even greater heights.

My name is Faigy Pollock.
I am a wife and Mommy, an experienced kallah teacher, EFT practitioner and creator of Unblock Your Way to Oneness - a unique online course about marital intimacy.

My own struggles have led me to search for answers. What I discovered was...pure gold! light!! diamonds!!!
No words can describe the happiness and peace of mind they have brought into my life, and the lives of the hundreds of women I've shared these ideas with.

I want to share some of these insights with YOU.

They will empower you to change your marriage around, and take your relationship to a whole new dimension.
I am hosting a free live webinar where I will share with you ideas that will empower you to have marital intimacy the way Hashem intended it to be.

Click here to join

Wishing you an ever-growing marriage,
Faigy Pollock

PS. Please spread the word to any married woman that can gain from the webinar.
You can copy/paste this link:

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Post  Tue, Nov 07 2017, 11:22 pm
Why is there no way to find out more about the person or contact her directly? All I see are the links to sign up.
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Post  Wed, Nov 08 2017, 9:03 am
My name is Faigy Pollock.
I'm married with 6 kids.
I live in Eretz Yisroel.
I learned in Gateshead seminary.
I've been teaching kallahs and mentoring married women for almost 10 years.
I'm the creator of a unique online program about marital intimacy.
My dream is that every married Jewish woman should be empowered to create a solid healthy marriage.
Marital intimacy is such an essential part of the relationship, and due to the sensitivity and tznius of this topic, it's rarely addressed.
The free webinar is a chance for women to learn the beauty of marital intimacy based on Torah sources.
The free webinar and the course have the backing and guidance of Ha'Rav Dovid Ostroff from Yerushalyim
I can be reached at faigy@unblockyourway.co.il.

(Posted on behalf of Faigy Pollock)
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Post  Mon, Nov 13 2017, 12:11 am
I got busy and totally forgot about it, will it be aired again?
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