The Go4Harmony Teleconference begins Tuesday night!

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Post  Mon, Dec 25 2017, 5:40 pm

The quality of marriage is made up of many different little interactions. We all experience pain in relationship. Pain is the biggest impetus for growth. With the right tools, it’s amazing how you can create connection in most of your interactions. Today parenting courses are vogue. Everyone recognizes that being more skilled and knowledgeable provides for stronger parent child relationships. In marriage, there is also a winning recipe that creates a strong and beautiful bond between a husband and wife.

I always wanted to have a very satisfying marriage with a strong emotional connection. My aspirations led me to become a relationship coach and train by Laura Doyle (author of Surrendered Wife and more recently Empowered Wife). I have been coaching women on how to get what they want in their relationships now for almost 5 years. When I saw what can be achieved in marriage with the right tools, I started a teleconference to make it accessible to as many women as possible. I have been giving the teleconference since January 2017 and due to popular demand I keep giving it! I will be starting the teleconference for the 4rth time on October 17th. Today I'm so grateful to have a full time job as a relationship coach. Through the teleconference I have had the honor to “meet” the most incredible women who want to live life joyfully and experience their relationship fully.

One of the most amazing features about the teleconference is having the option of joining the Go4Harmony chat/group text completely anonymous. You can join an amazing group of women who are part of the teleconference, learn from their struggles and successes while basking in the support as you try to implement what you are learning to your relationship.

The Go4Harmony Teleconference will help you create harmony within yourself and in your home. Many women commonly ask me, “how does your marriage improve if he isn’t involved” The teleconference will help you become more aware of what you want in your relationship, will guide you in changing your thoughts, which in turn changes your feelings, which changes the way you respond. The way you respond is powerful to getting more of what you want in your relationship. I look forward to having you join.

To join Go4Harmony Text / Call 216.635.8421
Email Go4harmony@gmail.com

Chaya Juravel


I always wondered what a Blissful marriage is. This approach uses practical skills that transformed mine! It is a proven method.

"I thought I came to fix my husband. Ok my marriage, I saw my children were being effected- then it dawned on me- I've only really transformed myself.

"I used to think I can only be happy if my husband would change XYZ.... With this approach..., I never knew life can be so good!"

"I'm married 10+ years & I resigned myself years ago to an ok marriage... With Chaya's teleconference & coaching my marriage has come to a place that I've never dreamed possible!"

"With a set of specific skills to follow based on divrei chazal, you will be empowered to become your best self and transform your marriage and all your interpersonal skills in the most positive way."

Chaya’s teleconference is for ladies who have gone through it all and are totally disillusioned and believe they can never change their husbands as much as they want to.

For years I would go to rabbi after rabbi, psychologist after psychologist and say just teach me how to show respect and they wouldn't have an answer. The teleconference will give you the answers.

I used to think I knew what being close to husband meant, now I see I had no idea... now I really do.

Before I was digging with a spoon, now im digging with a shovel.

As a kallah teacher approaching my 20th wedding anniversary, I thought of my marriage as one with a solid foundation with normal ups and downs. Chaya's workshop has shown me when there's good there can be even better. Additionally, the tools have helped me not just to live through and bear with the downs but to navigate them to create a closer connection.

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