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Post  Thu, Aug 04 2005, 6:08 am
My 3 yr old has started waking up REALLY early (this morning it was 4:20 AM.........I'm soooooo tired!!) How can I stop this?????? He sleeps in a bed so when he decides its time to be up, he just bounds out of his room. And of course, he wakes up my baby..........and then its a big party!

I've tried saying, "Its nighttime, its not boker- its time to be shluffing"
He doesnt buy it- he's been sleeping since 6:30 the night before and he isn't interested in gonig back to bed.

Putting him to bed later is NOT an option because I work at night. I'm ok with getting up as early as 6. 11 and a half hours is acceptable and he SHOULD be sleeping at least that much. He doesn't nap during the day. 10 hours is not enough sleep for a 3 yr old and I wont (even if I wasnt working) put him to bed later b/c he cannot afford any less sleep.

The worst part is that I'm sleep deprived so I'm not nearly as patient as I should be (and then proceed to feel really guilty which leaves me with LESS patience.......)
and come 1PM when I pick my 3 yr old up from gan, he is super kvetchy b/c he's exhausted!
Doesn't make for a very pretty picture.

Any ideas?
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Post  Thu, Aug 04 2005, 9:09 am
sorry I have no ideas b/c I'm in the same boat as you. though not that early. here's a big online hug {{{{{{ Very Happy }}}}}}}}}
I sympathize!!
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Post  Thu, Aug 04 2005, 10:44 am
Shira, just wait until tomorrow when it will be Friday night and you won't be working. Let him stay up for the meal and put him to bed late and maybe things will be adjusted.
Hope you get some rest over Shabboss.
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Post  Thu, Aug 04 2005, 12:23 pm
Have u tried room darkening shades, My kids used to wake up with the birds, now that the room is dark they sleep longer.
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Post  Thu, Aug 04 2005, 12:55 pm
Thanks for the idea, Lucky but 4:20 is long before sunrise. We have those shades (trisim) but the don't do much for my little naitz (or should I say.....alos?) guys.

Also, tonight I HAD to put him to bed late because, my luck, he fell asleep at 2 pm for a little snooze (a 2 hour snooze!). I guess thats better than having a kvetchball all afternoon. We'll see what happens tomorrow morning. I'll let you know!
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Post  Thu, Aug 04 2005, 1:56 pm
have you tried a gate? I did that with my kids when they started getting up to early and it worked like magic they realized that they couldn't get out and so they played in their room until they got a little bored of it and then started to demand to get out. you can try it. and maybe even if you don't mind food in the room put a water bottle for a drink in his bed and something to nosh on so this way he won't be starving or hungry and hopefully you can get my sleep this way.
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Post  Thu, Aug 04 2005, 2:46 pm
Prepare a toy he likes next to his bed.tell him to play when he wakes up. I do that for shabbos morning so I can sleep late.
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