Is there a way we can change our schools? Or are we doomed
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Post  Fri, Jan 12 2018, 8:20 am
amother wrote:
Op, I agree with this above post but also want to point out that you are blaming teachers saying it should be fun. But a lot of the curriculum is tedious and not fun. We must prepare the kids to be college ready for those that will go on to careers. So, you can't have it both ways. People always say make it fun but if there was a way to be rigorous and fun write a book for each grade, you would make millions, so far nobody has written a book bec it is not possible.

But, you seem like you are using the school as a babysitter when you say you can't make home fun. It is your job to entertain your kids. Why can't you play games with them or sign them up for music....clubs/lesson?? Dont put everything on the school!!(yes, I work in the school and would be the first to buy a book that covers all the topics in the curriculum, is fun and rigorous including having differentiation. ) sometimes things are not so much fun but the end goal is you learn a lot and improve your skills.

I don't know about in older grades but in the younger grades it's definitely easy to mix in a little fun, no special books/programs required. My kids (in the lower elementary grades) play around the world with chumash, math bingo, etc. Plenty of ways to incorporate games and/or movement into regular lessons. Yes, it does take a little more thought and creativity on the teachers part but it can make all the difference to the students. Also, in my children's school every year there's a theme and they regularly do school wide assemblies and activities based on the theme. It's not so difficult for the school to plan a 1 hour long assembly every 2 or 3 weeks, or even once a month. They just have to care enough, that's all. However, if the administration doesn't care about making learning enjoyable for the kids they will not take the time to plan these (inexpensive to free so no one can argue that the schools can't afford it) activities.
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Post  Fri, Jan 12 2018, 8:36 am
are you open to moving? Cincinnati has a Montessori school. It is quasi co-ed right now but I think their goal is to separate the boys and girls once the school is bigger.
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Post  Fri, Jan 12 2018, 10:04 am
we had to send our DS to a pluralistic school. He absolutely hated his previous school. We live OOT and there were no other choices. He now loves school, loves learning but gets only a little Judaism. It's not ideal. We have to supplement his learning of course. He's a much happier 5th grader. This is the reality we live in. His previous school was small with just a handful of boys in his class. There were behavior problems. He would just turn off when it came to Judaics. He would fight with the teacher because he refused to do his work. She had no control over him. He was becoming chutzpadik. We had to do something. No other frum boy goes to his new school. There are challenges. But what am I supposed to do? force him to go to a school he loathes? I'd rather he learn something than nothing. He is a deep thinker and can connect to his spiritual side more so than some of my other kids. What he was getting at his previous school was turning him away. I dream of being in a community where there is an ideal school for each of my children. I don't know if that exists.
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Post  Sat, Jan 13 2018, 10:48 pm
Cincinnati also has another school that is almost completely separate (2 separate buildings even from 3rd grade on) and though there is no official "Montessori" track past preschool, the classes are NOTHING like you describe either!

My kids have 3 recesses; many, many, many learning games and activities. Also whole school/division assemblies, etc -- not only relegated to Rosh Chodesh.
No droning teacher -- they are engaged. The driving philosophy is that it's not about the teachers teaching but the students learning, however that is manifested best.

Like all schools, it's not going to be perfect. Not for every child, and not as a whole, but my kids like school (even if they don't like all their assignments Wink) and we've seen modifications to the typical classroom set up many, many times. It's not my only school experience, so I can say it's not because I don't know better, but I had to fight a first grader to go to school in the past. This is my 4th year here and I have never had that experience here. And I have 7 kids enrolled Smile
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Post  Sat, Jan 13 2018, 10:52 pm
Not all schools are like that, op. Is moving an option?
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