Being thankfull to Hashem

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Post  Thu, Aug 04 2005, 2:40 pm
I tried to find the thread which freilich wrote a long time ago about being thankfull but couldn't find it. This is a little long so don't read if you will fall asleep.

Just a little story that I would like to share that happened to me today which Hashem with all his kindness showered on me today that I like to express to everyone. I needed to go shopping for shabbos it wasn't that much to buy maybe the max. was about 15 stuff but when I go shopping I dread it. Anyway I get on the bus and it is those shmecky buses that the seats are not comfortable and the air conditioner never works properly. I sat down dreading the long ride into Jeruselam when somehow it wasn't so bad and we got there twenty min. earlier than usual a miracle on its own.

I got to the store and started to shop when I realized that the stuff that I was buying were to heavy for me to carry. I figured I would do the best that I can and maybe just to buy less. (we are having guest for shabbos and figured I will just serve less than usual) As I was thinking about this someone from our community happened to have rented a car and was at the check in line and he said that he will be glad to wait for me and I can put all my stuff in his car the only thing is he wasn't going straight home.
If I came at the regular time I would have missed him another miracle.

After running around the store like a chicken without a head to get everything fast (imagine seeing this pregnant woman running around the store the people in the isle made way for me it was funny) I started to walk back to the central bus station when this poor woman was trying to shlepp her shopping cart (from the store not the ones that look like for bubbys) up a big hill. No one bothered not even men to help her so I decided to help her with her cart all the way to her house since I had time. next miracle I didn't have my shopping old lady cart with me so I was able to help her.

By the time I got to the central bus station I was hot sweaty and calm that I was in no rush to get the bus and didn't have to shlepp everything through the detectors or down a flight of stairs. About forty minutes later which normally I have about five min. the bus came and would you believe another miracle a nice new bus which rarely happens to us with nice seating and amazing air conditioning. I was able to relax without being tired and in pain from all that shlepping.

I would like to thank Hashem for all the kindness he has shown me today.

add your own story.
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Post  Fri, Aug 05 2005, 4:47 pm
Thank you for sharing, your story made me smilie!
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Post  Fri, Aug 05 2005, 9:30 pm
Thats could looking at the positive in everything Smile
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