Behind Milano's New "Secret Wig"

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Post  Wed, Feb 07 2018, 6:45 pm
There’s been a tremendous buzz lately in the Orthodox Jewish Women’s world regarding the Secret Wig by Milano Collection. We spoke with Yehudis Geisinsky the designer of Milano’s Secret wig to find out more about it. This article is from Collive.

Q: Tell us about Milano and what your company is all about?
Milano’s ultimate goal is making women who wear wigs look and feel beautiful. That is our guiding focus. A wig is so personal and represents who we are. It should enhance our beauty and no way hinder it. We strive to create designs and products that make wigs look extremely natural and comfortable.

Q: What is the price range of Milano wigs?
A: We strive to keep our prices affordable so more women can buy wigs more often. Women should feel that as styles and trends fluctuate, so can their wigs. Sometimes this means changing the cut and color of an existing wig, and sometimes it means buying a new wig.

Our price range varies from $650 for a pony wig up to $4,000 for a long Secret Wig. We offer 2 types of hair. 100% unprocessed Virgin European Hair and a premium processed line. The premium processed line is high quality hair that has been color treated in our factory to achieve the desired result. We are able to tightly control the process, so they are available in a variety of shades. Some of our most popular styles are made from this hair. Our Virgin European hair has not been colored or processed in any way. This hair is limited in supply and colors. We often do custom color services to achieve the custom look that our clients desire. The virgin hair is the most expensive due to its limited supply and scarcity, but it will last longer and there is a lot more we can do with it in regards to coloring and highlighting.

Q: You mentioned custom color services. What do you mean by that?
A: A good cut, color and style are as important as the quality of the wig. In order for a wig to look the most natural it should mimic the colors and styles that women are wearing now. Color is huge. It adds dimension to your face and also gives you a pop of life and personality. True, the coloring process can slightly damage the hair but the trade off is well worth it. That’s why so many women are coloring their hair to get these custom color techniques like balayage, ombre, babylights and flamboyage. Our creative and experienced colorists duplicate all these color techniques that women get done on their natural hair to make the wig look that good. Our stylists are highly trained in these techniques and use the best professional products we can find.

Q: So going back to the "Secret Wig," How is this wig different than your other wigs?
A: It’s all about the hairline. At Milano we always make every aspect of our wigs look as natural as possible. But the hairline is very important in making a wig look natural. Traditionally most wigs are made with a thick hairline and baby hairs are added to make it look natural. We took the opposite approach. We made the hairline mimic a natural hairline which is usually the thinnest area on a person's head. We studied hairlines and more hairlines, and worked on many designs before launching the Secret Wig. In addition most wigs have some hair sewn forward to cover the cap. This makes it uncomfortable since hair keeps falling in your face if you don’t cut bangs. Women with small faces or foreheads have a hard time wearing a wig without bangs since it doesn’t look natural. We wanted to create a wig that would be extremely comfortable and natural. We have accomplished this with the Secret Wig.

Q: It really does look like the hair is coming out of your head. Is there really no personal hair pulled out?
A: Absolutely no natural hair is pulled out with the Secret wig. Many Kallahs and young newlyweds over the years approached me with the dilemma of pulling out their natural hair so that their hairline can look natural. MIlano’s goal has always been to make women look and feel beautiful within the confines of Tznius; there should be no need to feel that in order for your wig to look really good you need to pull out your own hair. The mitzvah of covering our hair is so beautiful and brings blessing to the family. We as women should embrace this mitzvah and be able to keep it to its fullest without compromising our appearance. That was a guiding focus as we developed a wig that fully covers a woman's head and looks as natural as their own hair.
In fact, pulling out hair is more complicated since the hair needs to match the color and texture of the wig and the transition is always hard to hide.

Q: What are the costs and maintenance requirements of the Secret wig?
A: Costs vary by length and color. A short dark Secret wig starts at $2,300 and a long blond wig can cost up to $4,000 (blonds are always harder to procure, hence the higher price tag). The Secret Wigs are all made from virgin European hair. The price includes the wig and all the necessary accessories to really enjoy your Secret Wig; including a cut/style by a professional Milano stylist. Also included is a special Hairline Brush to assure the front always looks natural. We also include all alterations to make sure it lays as natural as possible on your head. We also provide a Milano GripCap to ensure a secure fit.

As far as maintenance, the wig is more delicate than a standard wig. It does need to be washed on a head and may require additional tightening over time to make sure it lays as natural as possible on your head. That being said, it’s worth it. I have been wearing my Secret wig for almost 2 years now and I just can’t go back to a traditional wig. It feels so much more comfortable and looks so natural.

I can go on and on describing the benefits of the Secret Wig, but a picture speaks a thousand words. You can see many pictures on our website or Instagram (@MilanoWigs) and Facebook of real women wearing the Secret wig with absolutely none of their real hair showing. These photos speak for themselves on the wonder of the Secret Wig.

Q: So we need to book an appointment at the Milano Showroom?
A: Actually, our Milano Showrooms - both in Brooklyn and Los Angeles - welcome walk-ins as well. See you then.

Q: Seems like Milano is always innovating. What’s the next thing you have up your sleeve?
A: Yes. It’s true. We constantly push ourselves to improve and innovate. We focus a lot on the experience of the wig wearer and try to create products that enhance that experience. We have all sorts of wigs and accessories to meet every need.

We anticipate our next product launch late spring of this year. It’s something that goes beyond the hairline. We’re really excited about it, but obviously it’s too soon to discuss the details. Sorry.


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