After Cancer, You Would Never Guess His Age

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Post  Mon, Feb 12 2018, 5:42 pm
One look at Naftali Baron and you might assume that he is in his thirties, or even forties. The truth, however, is much darker: Just 19 years old, Naftali’s body has been wracked by stage 4 cancer.

The Baron family lives in the Sanhedria neighborhood of Jerusalem, with their 6 children. Last year, Naftali became ill. For months, they travelled from specialist to specialist in search of answers. It was known that the boy had cancer, but doctors were not sure of the cause.

Treatments cost Naftali all of the strength he had. His skin turned pale, he lost his hair. While his classmates began their adult lives, Naftali fought for his life.

Recently, the source of the cancer was located: A tumor in his stomach. After consulting with top doctors as well as the leading medical rabbanim, the Baron family was advised to fly to New York immediately. There Naftali could receive a highly specialized surgery, as well as the necessary medication. The surgery costs $45,000.

If treated properly, Naftali could have a cancer-free life. If left alone, there is not much hope.

A campaign titled “Campaign To Save My Life” has been started on the Chesed Fund platform, with the goal of flying Naftali out to surgery.

“We’re just a regular family ... We could never pull together that kind of money,” campaign text reads. “That’s why we’re trying this -- it’s our only chance.”


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