S/O Loose candy from Purim WDYD?
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What do you do with inexpensive loose candy from MM?
Use all of it
 8%  [ 14 ]
Use some of it, give away what we don't use
 13%  [ 22 ]
Use some of it, toss the rest
 26%  [ 42 ]
Give all of it away
 8%  [ 14 ]
Throw out all of it
 41%  [ 66 ]
Total Votes : 158



Post  Fri, Mar 02 2018, 8:43 am
We repackaged candy this year, in a very appealing packaging. Everyone who knows me knows I’m a germaphobe and hands were washed w soap before, then gloves were put on, and only one hand touched the food while the other was used if anything else needed to be touched, like a bag or anything that is not food. But it’s not like I attached a note saying all that. Oh well. It looked nice 🤷🏼‍♀️
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Post  Fri, Mar 02 2018, 9:05 am
SixOfWands wrote:
A chemical is any substance consisting of matter. This includes any liquid, solid, or gas. A chemical is any pure substance (an element) or any mixture (a solution, compound, or gas). So kale is made of chemicals, as are beans, and lean chicken.

Energy is not a chemical. So, light, heat, and sound are not chemicals. Nor are they food.

Ergo, all foods are chemicals.

Our bodies also require sugar in order to function. In fact, all carbs are converted into sugar by our bodies. A cup of whole wheat past has more than 37 g of carbs -- which your body converts to sugar. A cup of split pea soup? 21 g of carbs. Sugar, sugar, sugar. And yes, its food.

A Laffy Taffy mini, BTW, has only 8 g of carbs.

If you're referring to treats with refined sugar, I think its extremely detrimental to children to disallow all treats. My kids were allowed treats. As teens, they eat mostly healthfully, and can take a square of chocolate and leave the rest for another time. But shall we talk about the times when they're treats were taken my kids who are never allowed a treat? It just makes them horde and binge.

I also abhor sanctimoniuos comments about how others eat.

I was surprised by the anonymous poster lamenting that “people throw food? Jews?”

No sanctimony- my question was simply asking mint amother if she considered this substance (perhaps I should have phrased it that way initially) to be food. Inasmuch as children (& adults) may enjoy indulging in candy, is it considered food in terms of Ba’al Tashcis?
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Post  Sun, Mar 04 2018, 8:38 am
Save it for next year!! :-)

Haha, just kidding.

A lot of it gets tossed (a lot of it gets covered in all kinds of other messy stuff... soups, etc. from other MM.) Some gets eaten. Some waits until Pesach and THEN gets tossed. It’s all different. I never gave much thought to it.
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Post  Sun, Mar 04 2018, 8:58 am
For those who throw out loose candies, do you also throw out all home made stuff. Because I don't see the difference hygiene-wise. Unless you are worried about the candies being stale.
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Post  Sun, Mar 04 2018, 9:32 am
I have severe dairy and nut/peanut allergies in my family. So those loose m&m type chocolate covered stuff all get tossed. I have no way of knowing if there is dairy or nuts in it and ive had too many scares.
Homemade pastries ill keep if you are close enough for me to ask you whats in it. (Which is almost everyone I receive from.)
When I send stuff to my husbands work, the pastries and chocolate truffles go. But no one touches the loose jelly beans and taffies and he either brings it home a week later or the janitor tosses it. So we gain nothing.
My local food bank and tomchei shabbos wont take anything not in their original packaging.
And my cleaning lady just went on a health thing for her family. I offered her and she said no sugar.
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