Does your 8 month old have a schedule? can you share?

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Post  Sun, Apr 15 2018, 12:09 pm
Thank you!

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Post  Sun, Apr 15 2018, 12:28 pm
When he was 8 months:

Woke up at 8 for a bottle
Dressed him and playtime
10:30-12:30/1 nap #1
Ate lunch (jar with cereal and bottle)
3-4 bottle and nap #2
5 supper
6 bathtime
7-8 bottle and good night baby!
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pesek zman


Post  Sun, Apr 15 2018, 1:58 pm

Naps at 9:30 and 1

4 bottles a day

Solids 1-2x a day
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Post  Sun, Apr 15 2018, 6:00 pm
so how do I get my baby to sleep more at night? she doesn't bother me, it just bothers me that she sleeps so little... she is up and happy to play till about 10 every night. occasionally she'll go to sleep earlier like 9'ish but then wake up around 1 and party for another hour or more till she goes back to sleep.
She then starts her day before 7 am...
she mostly cat naps with usually one good nap per day between 1-3 hours.

she is not my first baby so we know all about bedtime routine etc. but it does not seem to work with her...
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