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Post  Thu, Apr 19 2018, 9:37 am
My ds had to have an EKG and since he's 10, we had to go to a pediatric one. After the EKG was done, we saw the pediatrician for a quick check up. It was all done in the same place and a place I've never gone before. The woman who did the EKG was great with him and all, but I really liked th pediatrician. As a doctor, I really don't know, but in the following way. When we came in, she shook my hand and then my sons (they usually give kisses, so that was nice in itself Wink ). She spoke to my son. She asked him questions and treated him like he was the patient, which obviously he was. I don't like when pediatricians talk to the parents about the child as if the child is not there. I'm not saying my regular pediatrician does that, but this one made it a point of talking to the child. I was really impressed.

What impresses you beyond the medical expertise with a pediatrician or any doctor you've been to?
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Post  Thu, Apr 19 2018, 9:51 am
I love that our pediatrician has common sense and doesn't buy into all the new politically-charged parenting advice. He also doesn't have blanket advice to every patient, he's a big believer in what works for each family and helps you make things work best for YOUR family.

When I was a new mom and came to an appointment with my newborn who wouldn't sleep unless he was ON me, plus I was having terrible postpartum anxiety that was only calmed by holding my baby, and I came to the appointment crying about how I'm a terrible mother because I started cosleeping out of desperation and saying, "I'm so sorry..." the pediatrician just said, "why are you sorry? you do know that there are whole countries who think cosleeping is the better way, right?" Then he taught me ways to cosleep safer.

He told me to stop breastfeeding very early on, which surprised me because he is known to be extremely pro breastfeeding and will encourage people to keep trying if at all possible. In my case he actually TOLD me to stop, not even a question, which was an enormous relief because I knew in my heart it was a terrible idea in my case but I felt pressured to try my hardest anyway.

He is also an excellent diagnostician and figured out my twins' condition faster and more thoroughly than the NICU doctors and treated them much more effectively, in my admittedly non-medical opinion, but as their mother I felt they were in better hands with our pediatrician. He also spends as much time as needed with patients and families. In the beginning when my babies were very sick he was on the phone around the clock with the hospital solving the mystery of why they were sick, and he was VERY involved the entire time they were there.

He really cares about every patient and family and it shows. He remembers the tiniest details, not just from reading notes in their charts, he actually will ask me about how minor things are improving if we happen to see him outside the office.

Endless gratitude. Good doctors are hard to find.
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Post  Thu, Apr 19 2018, 9:56 am
My daughters dentist.
He took the time to get to know dd. Played with her for a minute (a very busy practice) and a tickle.
That's other than an overall good experience bh. (My kids are 3 and 4)
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Post  Thu, Apr 19 2018, 10:07 am
I like pediatricians that know me by name and trust my instincts and are thorough and don't brush things off. That get my kids to laugh with a little bit of humor and calm them throughout the checkup.
It would be nice if their office staff were as kind as the doctors themselves, but that's asking for too much , I guess.
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Post  Thu, Apr 19 2018, 10:22 am
My daughters pediatrician at the complex care clinic. so glad I b'H found this place. yes, its a shlep (we don't live in the area that they do house calls Sad) but at every visit we sit and discuss anything and everything relevant or not to my daughters care Smile and sees if we are missing anything and if there is anything she can help us obtain.

anytime she is sick I have a direct line to speak to her nurse at the clinic who either speaks to the doctor on our behalf or has the doc call us right back. the goal is to avoid the hospital & ER as much as possible (& if you do need to be admitted- they'll arrange for a bed on the floor to avoid ER) and so they kind of triage over the phone (we mostly don't even go into the clinic other than scheduled well visits).
She will also coordinate care with our other specialists and follow up with other doctors if needed.
Before that, even with the 'best' pediatrician in town, we were a number and he was totally off when it came to understanding care for a trach and some of her other needs.
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Post  Thu, Apr 19 2018, 10:47 am
I love my new pediatrician!
I just went today with my 4mo DD for her shots. Before giving her the shots he spoke to her and explain her that he is going to give her a shot in order to prevent her from bad illnesses.
He gave us good advice for a cheaper health insurance.
He sees the tiniest details.
He is very chill and has a lot of common sense.
You can call him anytime and he will tell you if you really need to see him or not.
In fact I once asked him if it doesn't disturb him when people come to see him on shabbos for a sick kid and he told me "what the interest of a Jewish doctor if you can't disturb him on shabbos!"
He is a good yid with a real Yiddish kopf and heart.
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Post  Thu, Apr 19 2018, 12:07 pm
I wish I had such pediatricians for my kids!
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Post  Thu, Apr 19 2018, 1:15 pm
My pediatrician's practice was bought off by NYU. I used to be so happy there and now it's this commercialized place with no one to talk to.
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