How important is it to do Estate Planning for my family?

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Post  Tue, May 01 2018, 8:49 am
Truth is, even if you have few assets, but you have children, you need at least a Will, where you specify who you want to be the guardians for your children, should, chas v’shalom, a tragedy occur. No one wants the government to decide who will raise their children, especially in frum families, where bringing them up with proper Torah values, middos, and hashkafas, are so important.

Beyond the guardianship question, if you have assets, you should be the one deciding how they are distributed, not by a legal formula, and by planning you can avoid machlokes in your family.

Additionally, there are halachic issues regarding inheritance, called yerusha, and you can make sure that your planning is completely al pi halacha.

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