I have a mental illness called pinworms
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Post  Tue, Jun 12 2018, 3:06 am
Iymnok wrote:
Or doctor does Vermox, one dose each night for 3nights. Wait 7 days, take the final dose.
Each doctor has their regimen. This is for kids 2-12. It seems to work.

This was the ONLY thing that worked for us!

Pinworms can live in soil for a very long time, so every time your kids come in from playing be very strict about hand washing. If you have young childen who put their hands in their mouths while playing outside, you will constantly be fighting this until they grow out of it. Cats, especially feral cats, can spread pinworm eggs everywhere they go. Dogs can, too.
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Post  Tue, Jun 12 2018, 8:41 am
amother wrote:
Ok. Where do I start?
Yes short nails and washing linens etc are important, but without a product that rids the digestive system of these buggers, all that washing is completely USELESS

And disinfecting is for bacteria and viruses.
Disinfectants will do nothing for pinworms.

And mopping floors? Seriously? That just transfers the eggs all over the place.

Sorry if I sound harsh but I seriously had it.

So sorry I was really tired last night when I posted. The above is all in ADDITION to the regimen of Vermox that lymnok describes. Also, ask your dr but ours said the whole family should take the Vermox together, not just the child with symptoms.

And don't bother taking it until you're ready to start the crazy cleaning and laundry. Do it all at once.

Mop don't sweep. Sweeping can blow the eggs all over the room. Doing nothing can blow the eggs all over the room. Or, don't really mop, just spray a cleaner with bleach on the floor and wipe down with a rag.

Use a disinfectant on the toilet, sinks and doorknobs that has bleach. Bleach should kill the eggs. Hth.
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Post  Tue, Jun 12 2018, 4:14 pm
When 2 dc had it, we all took Vermox (2 doses aprox 2 weeks apart), I disinfected all the toys, washed everything (clothes & towels) in hot water daily. Changed kids' linen daily, showered instead of bathing kids, taught dd how to scrub her hands really well after using the bathroom, cut kids nails really short 2-3 times a week, disinfected toilet seat & bathroom doorknob a few times daily, smeared a glob of vaseline mixed with crushed garlic on kids' backside before they went to sleep, vacuumed all carpeted surfaces well, changed all the toothbrushes just in case, and warned children not to put their hands in their underwear (3 yo wore a bodysuit undershirt to sleep so she doesn't stick hands in at night), no toys in mouth and to soap hands really well before eating...And I davened...
ETA: (Did all that for about 5-6 weeks) Bh they went away.
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