Son wants to go to a chiloni school (israel)
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Post  Wed, Jun 13 2018, 9:53 am
We are going through this, but we are not new olim, dd 15 was born here. She is currently at a dati leumi ulpana boarding school, but was incredibly miserable.
we got her into a pluralistic school. this goes against every fibre of my being. it was not a decision made lightly.
we are strict modern, but she does not wear modest at all. I think she wears jeans. she has a boyfriend. I feel like this generation cannot handle being told what to do. my dd is very sweet. but I think keeping her in that school was making her depressed, with all the rules. I asked my mashpia what to do. she told me that this generation is very sensitive and more important that they are happy and not to force her to keep mitzvot. others may disagree or have a different approach. her health has been affected. and her grades.
another person with a similar question asked her and they went to a big breslov rabbi (he is very charif). he said most important that the child is happy.

I hope you find an answer you are looking for.
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