Doona vs. Yoyo w/ car seat

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Post  Wed, Jun 13 2018, 10:02 am
HI all! Im having a baby soon and ive moved recently to a place I do lots of traveling from... I dont drive. Im basically using a large sprinter shuttle as my means of transportation. My question is like this... do I go with a doona or a yoyo stroller with a car seat (I have the maxi cose car seat to go with that) I definitely wanna leave that baby sleeping and in a car seat when traveling. People have told me the Doona is very heavy, and that the yoyo is easy to fold and has the underneath storage option which the doona doesnt. Im trying to hear from more people which option is better. People have told me the yoyo isnt so comfy for a newborn without a car seat, or bassinet, but id be using that in the beginning only with a car seat and use my bugaboo bee for local wheeling...
Id love to hear feedback.

THank you!
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Post  Wed, Jun 13 2018, 10:13 am
I've never used either but I've used a car seat that attaches to other strollers (city mini, graco) and its a great option. A few things I don't like about the Doona.

Price. So much for a stroller that your kid will outgrow in 12 months? And my babies are big...probably earlier! I had to move them out of their infant car seats way before 12 months. You will enjoy the yoyo for many more years so if it is a choice between one or the other get the yo yo. If you have tons of cash and space to store lots of strollers get both.

You are not meant to put a baby in a car seat for long stretches of time.

No basket would not work for me at all.

If you don't drive I would not get a doona. I can see its uses for someone who spends a long time in the car and wants to move the baby easily in and out. Its not clear how you are travelling. Bus? Car?

If I had a spare $300 lying around I can think of many things to spend the money on.
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Post  Wed, Jun 13 2018, 10:28 am
OP here...
Im traveling by big van basically, like an 18 passenger van... called a sprinter these days. so no aisles or anything on the van...
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