Online shiurim that are open-ended - is there such a thing?
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Post  Wed, Jul 11 2018, 4:15 pm
Rappel wrote:

His response: "The beauty of Judaism is not that it provides all the answers; rather, that it asks all the questions."

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Post  Wed, Jul 11 2018, 5:24 pm
InnerMe wrote:
Following this thread.
I'm wondering about Headlines and why it would be said that it has bad hashkafos?
I have never listened but I've seen it advertised in Mishpacha repeatetly, with prominent, and respected Rabbanim and community people listed as the speakers, and it is something I want to get to.

I only heard parts of them - I'm usually too busy to listen to the whole thing - and I do have this on my to-do list for when I do have the time. That said, I think it's entertainment and not Torah lectures per se.

The few interviews I have heard seemed as if the interviewer was asking "leading questions" if that makes sense, and trying to push the answers in a direction that he wanted the answers to go. I was actually pretty impressed with the Rav being interviewed, he seemed to be standing his own and not being swayed by the "leading questions".

I'm still interested in listening to them, though.
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