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Post  Sun, Sep 09 2018, 4:15 am
I've had a really rough year, haven't davened in forever, never go to shul
I've been psyching myself up to go to shul on chag and then Shabbat afternoon got up from a nap with a throbbing ear. It kept getting worse and I got drops and antibiotics this morning.
Painkillers aren't working and I'm in severe pain and want to claw my ear off. Is this just the yetzer hara acting up and I'm supposed to pass the test by forcing myself to go?
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Post  Sun, Sep 09 2018, 4:48 am
You can daven just as well from home. I would not go to shul if I wasn't feeling well. maybe just for shofar. Or if you can arrange for someone to blow shofar for you at home.
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Post  Sun, Sep 09 2018, 7:18 am
I think this falls into the category of "stuff happens". We look for the lesson in everything, so I would say that this year you are supposed to look into how you can really connect with the holiday, because you had full intention of going to shul. How can you keep that connected feeling going, while recovering?

I always, ever single year, get what I call the "RH/YK flu". Either one holiday or the other, sometimes both. Sick as a DOG! I mean, too weak to even get out of bed, can't keep food down, sinus infection, the whole 9 yards. What does Hashem want from me?

It's really hard, when you want to come closer spiritually, and your body is telling you something different. Just remember, your neshama is not your body, and it's your neshama that is yearning for connection. Our souls are not bound by the physical. During the year we are so attached to the physical plane, and this is a chance to transcend all of that.
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