Activities with tochen for a bas mitzvah

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Post  Thu, Sep 13 2018, 10:21 am
Hi! I need ideas to make bas mitzvah activities with something profound to them- with tochen. I don’t have any specific topic for the bas mitzvah, but anything that can be appropriate for that age. Any ideas??
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Post  Thu, Sep 13 2018, 10:27 am
I did a Challah activity at my niece's Bas Mitzvah. I brought along two big bowls of dough. I spoke briefly about the roots of the mitzva, and the Halachos of Hafrashas Challah. My niece said the Bracha and separated the dough, and then I used one bowl to bake a batch of Challah, and the other bowl of dough we gave out (because the Bracha must be said on enough Challah that won't be distributed, as per my Rav) and everyone made their own small Challah to take home and bake. We had toppings available like sesame and poppy seeds, everything topping, cinnamon, sweet crumbs, etc....

It really was very beautiful and meaningful, though it was a big job to pull together.
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Post  Thu, Sep 13 2018, 10:29 am
Baking challah, packing food boxes for example for tomchei shabbos , making stuffed animals to donate to sick children - I think there's an organization that runs that
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Post  Thu, Sep 13 2018, 8:09 pm
Thank you very much for your responses!!
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Post  Thu, Sep 13 2018, 8:45 pm
We do challa baking for every bas mitzva.
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Post  Thu, Sep 13 2018, 9:57 pm
Do you have any local chessed organizations? You can contact them and see what they need... The bonus here is that it will actually be useful. If you are going to package something together, say gift bags with activities for kids in the hospital or home bound, you can find out what they can or cannot Have included. Stuffed animals, loose items, unsealed toys etc might be problematic for immunocompromised kids. Or they can say "we have tons of 4 year old boy toys but we need 8 year old girl toys". By the way, I know someone who did it and it was fun (they decorated the bags, wrote notes, packaged it etc) and helpful!

More importantly, what is your daughter into? Baking? Helping kids? Art? See if you can find an activity that speaks to her.
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