How to interview around yontif time?? Help please!

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Post  Thu, Sep 20 2018, 4:18 pm
I am interviewing for jobs now and it looks like I may receive an important offer extension (at least I am hoping for that iyh!) over email or phone call Mon/Tues during first days Sukkos. (I am shomer shabbos, etc so this is just me imagining what will be coming through--not planning to c'v answer of course). It is likely they will get me a response then. How do I handle this? When I next speak with them tomorrow should I naturally say, "I have a personal errand I have to handle Monday Tuesday so I may not be as readily reachable those days." I want to lay low about being a frum Jew to make sure I'm not going to be discriminated against in any unnecessary and avoidable way. Not sure how to couch my availability Mon/Tues in a way that they won't ask more follow up questions. I also want to show I am serious about this position and have a serious work ethic and want to signal that I'm not just a flake. Any suggestions?
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Post  Thu, Sep 20 2018, 4:22 pm
I would just say I will have limited access to phone and email for the next two days. I look forward to speaking to you on Wednesday or something similar. You should also use an out of office response on your email.

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Post  Thu, Sep 20 2018, 4:23 pm
Can you set up an automatic out of office reply on your email stating that you're away and will be responding to emails when you're back on Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning? Same for your telephone/cell phone voicemail.
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