Exciting! Does your son love to sing?

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Post  Mon, Oct 08 2018, 11:04 am

Kolainu Boys Choir was established January of 2009 with boys from all different mainstream Yeshivas. Kolainu's sole purpose is to provide Yeshiva students with an opportunity to gain self confidence, have fun, make new friends and enjoy their love for music.

Kolainu was designed for Yeshiva students as an extracurricular activity. There are no tryouts and every child is a star. The choir has one grand performance annually for family and friends.

The choir is led by Elchonon Majeski. Elchonon has many years of experience conducting, composing and singing for large audiences.

Kolainu offers a once in a life time rewarding experience for your child. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about our program.

Kolainu Choir is coming to:
Waterbury October 14th
5 Towns October 15th
Chicago October 16th
Baltimore October 17th
Lakewood October 18th

Click here to Register

Click HERE to watch the new promotional video.


Baruch and Rochel Brog

“Hi I just wanted to say again how absolutely unreal last night performance was and we were all so impressed how the confident the kids were.. There was so much happiness going on last night it was on a new level!!”

Kolainu Lakewood Parent

What an amazing opportunity we had for our son to join Kolainu choir this year. Elchonon gave the boys the best time and made each kid shine. The night of the performance was so alive with happiness and song as the boys confidence soared. Can’t wait for next season!
Kolainu Lakewood Parent

Kolainu Lakewood Parent

“Hi, good morning.

Thank you so much for giving our son an opportunity to shine and bring out a talent of his. We feel like a certain spark of value and confidence was ignited in him, and I’m sure we are not the only parents which feel this way. A positive experience like this one can have a ripple effect on him for years to come and to generations to come iyh.

Only Hashem could count the amount of people you helped with last nights production!!!”

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