Rec for an MP3 player for car and cell question

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Post  Wed, Nov 21 2018, 11:03 am
I know almost nothing about MP3 players, except that I had a samsung years ago...

My husband got a new vehicle for work recently and he has mentioned a few times that he has no music all day because there is no CD player in it. I thought it would be nice to get him an MP3 player to hook up in his vehicle so he can enjoy some music. However, I don't want to get anything fancy (no apple products either) because he is just using it in the car. Don't need video, it won't be looked at.

The budget is under $100. I was assuming there would be deals over the weekend with the sales, but so far haven't noticed any. Maybe MP3 players are not in style anymore because of everyones cell phones?

Speaking of which, we do have a couple of older smart phones hanging around- can they be emptied out and just filled with music to use as an MP3 player? Though I'm not sure it can be hooked up to the car's speaker...
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