Bottle feeding help please!!

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Post  Wed, Dec 19 2018, 6:32 am
Hi I have an almost 5 week old baby who I stopped nursing as it wasn't going well at all and was causing me alot of stress. When u tried him on bottles it went fairly well so I made my decision and that was that.
Unfortunately after I decided to start bottles and my milk dried up suddenly were really struggling... He seems to suck really hard on slow flow teats and gets alot of air and very tired out after only an ounce or two. That was both on tommee tippee and Dr brown. So I bought mam bottles as they have very good reviews and come with medium flow teats which went alot faster but he couldn't cope and was crying and gulping and very gassy again. Has anyone had an experience like this? Should I persevered with medium flow and hope he gets the hang? I feel he's in between but not much I can do about that! I had afew spare tommee tippee slow teats I tried widening and making new holes in but didn't seem to go any faster/easier unless I didn't do it right..?
Pls help these feeds are taking all day and they're stressing me and baby out! :-(
Thank you in advance!!!
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pesek zman


Post  Wed, Dec 19 2018, 8:16 am
I recommend keeping slow flow nipple and trying Playtex nurser with the plastic inserts. Easy clean up but best of all reduces the amount of air that baby takes
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Post  Wed, Dec 19 2018, 9:31 am
Check for a tongue tie.

That can cause difficulty sucking and also causes baby to swallow a lot of air.

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Post  Wed, Dec 19 2018, 9:40 am
I use the avent bottles... my baby took well to them. I found that at different times he preferred different shaped nipples-usually the taller, skinnier one...
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Post  Wed, Dec 19 2018, 9:58 am
Have baby checked for lip and tongue tie by a preferred provider https://www.tt-lt-support-netw.....iders.html

Lansinoh Momma bottle tends to be easier for tied babies. Also, while the bottle is in his mouth, lightly squeeze his cheeks, on both sides of his mouth.

If the Lansinoh bottle doesn’t work, Dr Browns makes a bottle that is only sold on amazon called specialty feeding system. Is expensive but works differently than any other bottle so if all else fails, it might be worthwhile until the other issues are corrected.

Feel free to pm me.
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Post  Wed, Dec 19 2018, 9:58 am
Another vote for avent. There’s anti colic and natural. Both worked well for my newborns - there’s no major diff.
Good luck.
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Post  Wed, Dec 19 2018, 11:23 am
My baby only likes Avent bottles and she has not had any gas issues. She does burp after a few ounces in every feeding.
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Post  Thu, Dec 20 2018, 8:46 pm
you're not feeding any breastmilk anymore, correct? your milk dried up? so it's not like you're pumping and he's taking the same substance, but in a bottle.

So is it possible this is about the formula and not about the nipple size/ bottle type? Might need to try different types of formula to see what works best for him?

If I'm totally off base--- I'd continue with medium flow but remove the bottle from his mouth every so often and give a few pats on the back even if he doesn't yet need a burp as he gets used to the sucking/swallowing/ breathing pattern of this nipple. give him a chance to take a few breaths.

My twins are turning 12 already (!!) but I babysit part time at a home daycare for 6 babies and 6 toddlers. The babies are teaching me all of this. Smile
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Post  Thu, Dec 20 2018, 9:53 pm
Hi everyone op here thanks so much for taking the time to respond. BH no sign of tongue tie. Avent bottles I tried too with no luck..
Then my husband came home today and gave him his bottle in the mam bottle, medium size teat and he downed it beautifully...!! After a whole day of fussing on the same bottle...
So I'm thinking... Is he smelling the last bits of breast milk and that's why he doesn't take a bottle from me? Could this be? I haven't fed in like 3 days but yes I'm not entirely dried up, if I squeeze something does come...
I just gave him a bottle in his swing seat and again took it way nicer than I've ever seen him do when I've held him in my rocking chair..
So BH so happy with this development but hoping my theory is right and that when my milk fully dries up he'll be happy to take it from me too.. no saying how long that will take..
Your thoughts anyone?
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Post  Thu, Dec 20 2018, 10:38 pm
I can't comment on your exact case, because I never breastfed, only exclusively bottle fed. That being said I bottle fed 3 kids and they all 3 liked different bottles. I literally had to try out every bottle in the store to find the one that worked best for each of them.
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Post  Thu, Dec 20 2018, 11:15 pm
It’s very common for babies not to want to take bottles from their mothers. Or to be picky about who gives it to them. My baby wouldn’t take one from me for weeks and now prefers that I give it to her. Babies are funny! I try to be very patient and calm when feeding her and I think that helps
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Post  Thu, Dec 20 2018, 11:49 pm
Make sure formula doesnt get stuck in nipple. Very frustrating for baby.
Also I found best nipple is the one from the hospital. They go on universal bottles and flow of milk is very good for newborn and up.
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