Can someone explain this thing that irks me
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Post  Sat, Dec 29 2018, 6:46 pm
trixx wrote:
There was a recent story where someone collapsed on the street and hatzalah came, one of the guys knew the man so even when the other hatzalah members said there's no point continuing cpr this one guy continued (for another looong time, in total at least 45min) til he got pulse, got man to hospital. Man recovered. No idea where I read it but it had a pic of both of them together at the seudas hodaah. Maybe rabbi yoely gold column in one of those Jewish magazines?

So this is a real life story! Even more bothersome..so who knows how many people might have lived longer if there was only someone who cared around.
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Post  Sun, Dec 30 2018, 12:41 am
This is a true story-heard it directly from the husband;
A woman went into labor. Her uterus burst. While working on her, she coded-her heart stopped. There just happened to be an entire heart team whose surgery had just been cancelled. They were called in to help her. The heart specialist worked on her for a long time-longer than he normally would-until her heart started again. When asked later why he hadn't 'called it' earlier and let her go, he said "I wasn't going to tell a father of 7 (including the newborn) that he didn't have a mother to help raise them".

This was 20 years ago this past chanukah. Mother is doing great. She has raised and married off 4 of those 7 children so far. Quite a few grandchildren too.

So these stories happen in real life. And sometimes it's just a doctor afraid to tell someone he couldn't save their loved one.
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