Pediatric asthma doctor?
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Post  Thu, Jan 03 2019, 9:40 pm
amother wrote:
Mistyrose, my daughter has asthma, till she was 3 years old she needed nebulizer treatment every day. Now she uses her inhaler as needed. The only times she was put on steroids was when it was either steroids or being hospitalized. Her pediatrician did not prescribe it fast.

The only thing that tells us is that you have a smart pediatrician. He is NOT the norm. Good for you! Happy you landed up there.

But I do wonder if you are referring to only systemic steroids? Steroids can be inhaled through inhaler as well as nebulizer. The oral/injectionable steroids are usually only given in emergencies, but many doctors will give "maintanence" steroids via inhaler/neb.
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Post  Thu, Jan 03 2019, 9:42 pm
cbsp wrote:
Hmmm, his only skin condition is a rash on his face that seems to have been caused when we switched to the Dulera and increased his Ventolin to match his exercise /exertion level. We also switched to a larger mask at the time (for the spacer) and it's a different type of rubber than his baby mask. He is currently 2 weeks on /2 weeks off a thin smear of clindamycin lotion that mostly manages it.

Singulair made him extraordinarily aggressive and insurance denied pulmacort, so despite the allergist wanting him on different meds, we're keeping what we have in the meantime. We're hoping to reevaluate after his 7 months of weekly allergy shots.

Wow. Hope that works out for you. It's hard to see a kid suffer.
If he ever gets a terrible, red flaking rash, which I pray he won't, can I recommend you contact the Skin Healing Gemach? They spread awareness about steroid safety and put you in contact with doctors who are well trained in safe steroid use.
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