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Post  Sat, Jan 12 2019, 11:48 am
Linen amother wrote:
Yiddishkeit costs money. We don't sacrifice on yiddishkeit for money just like we don't eat treif food, send to p.s. etc. Shabbos and YT cost money, tznius clothing cost money, yeshiva tuition costs money and Jewish play writing costs money. Why expose our sheltered girls and women, who crave entertainment, to Broadway shows with very little, if at all, lessons to be learnt?

I haven't seen either custom frum plays or frumified secular ones. The last play I saw was an amateur production at the AACI of Caberet, I don't think it was censored, a friend in the cast told me that this one was based on one of the Broadway revivals, not the original, and was not suitable for children, and wouldn't recommend it here, I don't know what the average member here would have found more shocking, the costumes worn at the Kit Kat Klub or the armband that Ernst Ludwig appears in near the end.

So I'm asking: is there more yiddishkeit in a custom frum play than in a frumified Broadway one? Do they only take things out and replace them with nothing?
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Post  Sat, Jan 12 2019, 12:05 pm
Linen amother wrote:
When we try to imitate the non jews, I believe it's chukos hagoy. Isn't that what happened in Yavan?

I suppose you mean during the Hellenistic period, not in Greece (unless there's some incident in the long history of Jews living in actual Greece that you're referring to). But Chazal objected to Jews filling theaters without suggesting that they either write their own theater or rewrite Aeschylus, so perhaps that you're every bit as much imitating them, whatever the production.

Now I suppose once could read this text as permitting theater which involves neither idolatrous sacrifice (I don't think I've ever run into that) or could be considered a moshav leitzim, even if they didn't suggest deleitzifying Greek plays or writing Jewish ones but if that is a legitimate option I also don't think this source prefers one to the other.

Avodah Zara 18b:

תנו רבנן אין הולכין לטרטיאות ולקרקסיאות מפני שמזבלין שם זיבול לעבודת כוכבים דברי ר' מאיר וחכמים אומרים מקום שמזבלין אסור מפני חשד עבודת כוכבים ומקום שאין מזבלין שם אסור מפני מושב לצים

The Sages taught: One may not go to theaters or circuses because they sacrifice offerings there to objects of idol worship; this is the statement of Rabbi Meir. And the Rabbis say: It is prohibited to go to a place where they sacrifice offerings, due to a suspicion of idol worship, and it is also prohibited to go to a place where they do not sacrifice offerings, due to it being considered “the seat of the scornful.”

On the other hand if there was Jewish play written in the time of Rabbi Meir I'd love to see a revival ...
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Post  Tue, Jan 15 2019, 4:05 pm
So how was the play? Which actresses from last year? Can't wait to see the DVD.
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Mama Bear


Post  Tue, Jan 15 2019, 8:19 pm
I'm not defending them, just explaining why they do it.
I personally don't have the zitzfleish to sit through a play, musical, or even DVD of one.
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