6 yr old cry baby

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Post  Thu, Jan 31 2019, 8:05 pm
My daughter cries hard and long. About even the tiniest booboos. So basically an attention seeking behavior. Of course she does get attention. And I do make an effort to give her time just the 2 of us...
But I’m not sure how to handle the crying. Currently I say I’m sorry u got hurt or that must’ve hurt or it’ll feel better very soon. But then I feel so uncaring. And what if the booboo is really the kind that deserves attention.
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Post  Thu, Jan 31 2019, 8:12 pm
DD is also like this. She looks for boo boo's to cry about & loves to complain. I either acknowledge the boo boo once & give her a hug, kiss & then ignore. Or I start "crying" very loudly along with her. She see's how silly I look and starts laughing.
I also tell her that if she keeps crying and screaming for nothing, than when she will really get hurt I won't know if its real or not.
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Post  Thu, Jan 31 2019, 8:18 pm
This sounds like my 6 year old. I recently bought the book “The Highly Sensitive Child,” and it really seems to describe her. Everything is a big deal and she’s always in tears. She’s very observant of tiny details around her. And she has some physical sensitivities, too.

I haven’t read the recommendations yet, but maybe see if this describes your dd. Some children feel things more deeply. In their minds it is a big deal.
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