Tuition Assistance and SAHM's
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Post  Thu, Feb 07 2019, 7:12 am
dankbar wrote:
I know one hi end store that works this way. The only way they can do 70% off sales is by hiking price to a higher markup for the ones that could afford in beg of season& they feel good by paying more....for the high end brand

In most stores, prices are artificially inflated because today people expect a bargain but in frum stores, I have seen pushkas to collect tzedukah so that the store can help clothe the poor. Unless it's understood that the rich are overpaying for something just to help the poor, chances are that the store is artificially setting prices so that the merchandise seems like a bargain while it actually isn't. The rich are willing to pay more for a better selection, a less crowded store, and the greater probability of being first to wear the fashion.
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