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How familiar are you with KonMari?
Read the book, but nothing else
 34%  [ 15 ]
Watched the show, but nothing else
 40%  [ 18 ]
Read the book and watched the show
 25%  [ 11 ]
Total Votes : 44



Post  Thu, Feb 07 2019, 2:56 pm
nchr wrote:
There should be an option "I have no idea what this is" if you're trying to pool how many people are actually familiar with this.

Marie Kondo aka KonMarie is a Japanese personal organizer who preaches the gospel of keeping only possessions that spark joy. Her first book “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” has been translated into umpty- ump languages and is something of a cult phenomenon. Her name has become a verb as in “I KonMaried My Closet and All I Have Left is One Silk Kimono”.

She is not the first to advocate drastic purging, nor even the first to advise keeping only that which you like, but I think that what fascinates people is the concept of keeping only that which “sparks joy”. Also she devised a method of folding clothing that allows them to be “filed” upright like folders rather than being laid flat. This makes the entire contents of the drawer visible at once and eliminates the need to search by pawing through and disarranging piles.
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