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Post  Sun, Feb 10 2019, 1:35 am
I have been teaching for a few years, and have come across a damaging attitude from parents, where their kid is suffering from serious emotional, social and academic problems and anything I bring up falls on deaf ears. The administration has not talken the issue seriously either.
I am in touch with the rebbi and school psychologists yet I am consumed with anger at the parents for just blaming me instead of taking responsibility for their son.
I feel so angry at the situation that I don't even want their kid in class anymore.
As you can tell from this post, I am writing very late at night. I can't fall asleep because of it.
I tried saying tehillim, davening, talking to H', letting go, but it's so maddening and I am still very worked up about it.
My anger is also a buildup of not being listened to in the past with students like these.
Any advice on how to proceed with parents, school and student would be so helpful.
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