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Post  Mon, Feb 11 2019, 12:51 pm
its really hard for me to do these type of creative things, I am so bad at it.
it becomes a huge stress for me every year.
last year I saw a really pretty and original, classy nice mishloach manos, can I copy it? I feel like im stealing... is this ok?
(happens to be that family moved from the community so they wont see..Smile)
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Post  Mon, Feb 11 2019, 12:55 pm
The mitzvah is to give a friend a present of two foods. It is meant to create good feelings between people. Not stress. If you don't enjoy getting creative, just put together something simple.
( If you want it to look pretty/ elegant ( again, no need!), you can pack it in a gift bag, or wrap in cellophane with ribbons.)
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Post  Mon, Feb 11 2019, 1:01 pm
The cute and creative are not the mitzvah. If your particular talent is not food design and packaging, don’t sweat it. It’s your sincerity, not your artistry, that matters.

That being said, nobody has a copyright for her MM. Go ahead and copy the idea if you’re not bothered by taking credit for someone else’s creativity. OTOH if Ehrlich is your middle name, just admit “I copied the idea” when someone compliments you on your creativity.
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Post  Mon, Feb 11 2019, 1:05 pm
Of course you can! It’s not like you saw it this year and you’re both giving it to the same people.
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Post  Mon, Feb 11 2019, 1:06 pm
Once the idea is out, I don't think anyone minds if it gets copied. It's a compliment to them. It's just when it's still a "surprise" that someone may be bothered if it's copied. But, I may be off.
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Post  Mon, Feb 11 2019, 1:17 pm
My big creative thing is Purim costumes. I have a friend who often copies my costumes a few years later. It annoys the heckles out of me. It shouldn’t, because I already used the idea and don’t plan on repeating it any time soon, but childishly I resent her getting credit for my idea. I know this is because she is gifted in areas I’m not and any time I do something in “her” field of gifted ness, people who know us automatically assume it was her idea or that she at least helped me if she didn’t do it all for me.

But if this friend lived elsewhere I wouldn’t care at all, in fact I’d be glad to share the idea.
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