Weird hosting question
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Post  Tue, Feb 26 2019, 8:17 am
Ruchel wrote:
seriously? no? I'm not preparing leftovers for a guest?

Dont you always write how you don't ever have guests?
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Post  Tue, Feb 26 2019, 8:32 am
Squishy wrote:
Do you send guests home with the leftover wine that they brought?

I wouldn't, but this happened to my (BT) friend and she was insulted. The wine wasn't mevushal and the host told her that's why they wouldn't drink it Sad . She knew what mevushal meant, but she didn't know that some people only drink mevushal all the time, so she was hurt. So be careful if you do offer leftovers that you give a non-offensive reason, like you have too much of something or you'll be away.
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andrea levy


Post  Tue, Feb 26 2019, 8:49 am
My uncle brought a bottle of mogen David. I did not say anything and quietly served our own good wine. The next night non Jewish friends cane for dinner. He loves sweet wine so he took the bottle home.
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Post  Tue, Feb 26 2019, 9:33 am
TBH it never occurred to me to return a guest’s contribution to the meal. Why bring it if you’re planning to take it back? There have been guests to whom I have given “doggie bags” to take home, either because I felt they needed it, or more often if they particularly liked something we served, especially if it was dessert. I’m happy to get that out of the house so I won’t eat it.

We once had a guest take back the leftovers of the dish she contributed, which I thought was odd. (The taking back, that is. The dish was not odd at all. Delicious, in fact, so we were quite disappointed.)
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Post  Tue, Feb 26 2019, 9:42 am
watergirl wrote:
One time, I was specifically asked by a host to make a certain kind of dessert that I am known for. The host was so thrilled that I brought it, beautifully presented and ready to serve (ie, not in a tin). She scooped it up and declared that she has important guests coming for next shabbos and she needs it for then. And she proceeded to double wrap it and put it right in her freezer!

I'd have wished her an exceptionally long life being feed through a feeding tube and daily having to decide which was worse, prolonging her miserable existence or death by starvation. While going on in this vein I'd also have thrown the dessert on the floor. A carpet would have been lagniappe.
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