Don't understand social workers
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Post  Fri, Mar 01 2019, 7:33 am
She should be answering
Fact is she’s not!
Theres not much OP can do now
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Post  Fri, Mar 01 2019, 10:12 am
Ok, thanks all for your advice and help. She didn't change numbers and probably feels uncomfortable telling me she can't help, with a combination of being very hectic, so is just avoiding it altogether. But I took the hint and will leave it. Truthfully, I was ready to leave it ages ago but my daugther's school social worker advised that I keep reaching out to her even if she ignores me. At this point, though, I'm stopping and have to face that the relationship is completely over.
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Post  Fri, Mar 01 2019, 10:21 am
Chaya: its hurtfulf- I know... good luck with moving on
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Post  Sun, Mar 03 2019, 9:17 am
seeker wrote:
Amother Lavender OP said she was willing to pay for a session. Not looking for free help.

We don't know, however, if the social worker takes private clients or is even allowed to.
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Post  Sun, Mar 03 2019, 11:10 am
As a therapist here are my thoughts....
- she shouldn't have said she is available for questions etc for the unforseable future. I say "your case with me is now closed but if you want to reopen you are always welcome" (whether it closed because they wanted, we felt the issue was resolved etc).
- it is unethical to "just answer questions here and there" if you aren't a paying client. So many reasons. If you are unhappy is she your therapist you can complain to? Report to the government/licensing board? By paying you enter into a contract that the therapist will treat, you pay and under what conditions. (She has a license, you promise to give notice before cancelling or face no show fee, or if she takes after hour calls even!). She shouldn't be responsible for random advice without compensation and assured follow up sessions! Follow ups aren't about the money but making sure things are progressing and catering the techniques to your situation.
- again, are you a client? Malpractice goes up for private clients vs clinic clients. Asking for advice randomly might make you a non paying client, requiring her to be responsible, have additional costs etc for no payment. Forever in your mind as you haven't found a new therapist but still want advice.
- it is not abandonment as some said. If the case is closed, the therapist needs to offer referrals. If you chose to close she doesn't have to at all. All she needs to do is give a possibility for further treatment. (Here are the names of 2 clinics, if you want you can call and see if they have openings.) she doesn't need to set you up with a new therapist etc.
- there may be a disagreement new/old clinic. Having worked in them, we cannot tell clients from one clinic to find us at the other clinic. She may not be able to even tell you where she is moving to, depending on the rules in her contract. Technically the client "belongs to the clinic" and not to the therapist. I.e. You have to contact the new clinic and see if she has availability etc. and then follow the rules of the new clinic (policies, cost etc).

What is stopping you from finding someone new? Or just reopening the case with her since you think she is so unique if you know where she is working?
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