Keflex capsules kashrus

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Post  Thu, Mar 14 2019, 11:26 am
Does anyone know if they are ok kashrus to take? Does it have animal gelatin in if? Tried calling pharmacies and not getting any answers. If anyone knows much appreciated.
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Post  Thu, Mar 14 2019, 11:40 am
From star k website:

. Choleh She’ain Bo Sakana – Someone whose life is not in danger. This includes anyone who is bedridden, is noticeably not functioning up to par due to pain or illness, or has a fever which is not potentially life threatening. A child under six years of age who has discomfort is also considered a choleh she’ain bo sakana. This category also includes the following:

One who is experiencing symptoms of the flu.
One who suffers from chronic debilitating arthritis pain.
One who suffers from migraine headaches or mild depression.
A pregnant woman suffering from non-life threatening complications (e.g. lower back pain).
A woman who has given birth in the past thirty days without any known problems or who is experiencing non-life threatening postpartum complications. This may apply for an extended period of time.
Those listed above may take non-kosher medication shelo k’derech achila, in an uncommon way of eating, if a kosher alternative is not readily available.3 Items which are designed to be swallowed4 without chewing (caplets, swallow tablets, and even gelatin capsules), poor tasting chewable tablets, and poor tasting liquids have a shelo k’derech achila status. For example, if someone has the flu, and the only fever reducer available is a non-kosher gelatin capsule, one may swallow the product. Similarly, one may swallow Celebrex in a gelatin capsule or tablets containing chondroiton (derived from non-kosher bovine trachea cartilage) for chronic debilitating arthritis pain.5 However, under normal circumstances one may not take non-kosher products if it requires eating in a normal manner (e.g. non-kosher chewable tablets that taste good).

And later in it says:

Types of Medications & Remedies
The following addresses the various halachos regarding specific products.

I. Gelatin Capsules – Gelatin is an ingredient that is derived from animals. Unless it is made under strict kosher conditions (I.e. kosher slaughtered animals or kosher fish) or it is made from gelatin substitutes (e.g. vegetable-based capsules), the product is not kosher. Swallowing a capsule is considered shelo k’derech achila and may be taken by a sick person even if he is not in danger. One who has a maychush or who is in good health should consult a Rav before taking a gelatin capsule.10
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