Secular Israeli music-so inappropriate for our kids!!!
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Post  Mon, Mar 25 2019, 11:53 pm
dancingqueen wrote:
Is it really shocking news that some communities are ok with secular music?

I think we all know and understand that some communities are OK with secular music. I think it is also clear that OP was talking about yeshiva boys which implies a culture that is not OK with what I guess you could call "flirty" lyrics.
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Post  Wed, Mar 27 2019, 1:38 pm
SacN wrote:
Secular music is one thing. Secular music with zxual themes is something else. A lot of it is very objectifying and represents a totally different value system from the one in which we're raising our kids.

I didn't grow up frum and now hear secular music all over malls, gyms and my office, and sometimes when I exercise with Spotify. As far as I can tell, comtemporary pop and dance music always, but always, has those themes and is often very explicit.
It's a very very fine line. This isn't even the innuendos like the music I grew up with. A lot of secular music would be wildly inappropriate at a bar mitzvah.

On another note, the music at my (secular) bat mitzvah party that the dj played was also wildly inappropriate. I imagine my mom didn't understand it- and it was mainstream American hip hop/pop.
Good for you OP for being in touch enough to realize the problem here.

Thank you! I really appreciate the validation!! My hope is that as many parents as possible become aware of this problem because it's really hard to be the mean parent that doesn't let their child listen to that music, even just in general, not just for bar mitzvas. It also makes me really sad to see my son as the odd one out, that he can't be like his friends (at least from his perspective-I'm hoping that not as many kids have access to this music as ds makes it seem), I know every family has different standards so everyone's bound to be the mean parent about something, but I really hope that when people realize what these songs are about, they will also say no-there is enough Jewish music, or even just neutral songs out there!
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Post  Wed, Mar 27 2019, 1:44 pm
Rappel wrote:
Agreed on both points.

OP, if you're looking for cool, kosher Israeli pop music, then this is the current rave:

Geshmake gemara Smile

I really like this, I'm going to play for ds, thank you for posting!
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