Flying to Israel with 15 month old

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Post  Thu, Apr 04 2019, 7:00 pm
Hi, we are iyh going to Israel for pesach with our 15 month old baby and was wondering if anyone has any advice, tips, things you wish someone had told you before if you did something similar. What can I bring to entertain him on the flight? Also open to hearing random facts like what you can bring in regards to baby gear etc. Never done this before! TIA
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Post  Thu, Apr 04 2019, 7:07 pm
Do you have a paid seat for him? A car seat is invaluable it was a game changer for us and so worth schlepping it around the airport. It allows you to restrain him when you need to and so that he can settle down enough to fall asleep etc.
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Post  Thu, Apr 04 2019, 7:10 pm
In light of another thread, make sure your baby is vaccinated for measles.
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Post  Thu, Apr 04 2019, 7:13 pm
Definitely make sure he is up to date with vaccines.
Try to bring things that'll help him sleep (bottle, pacifier, pajamas). Sleeping would be ideal! I recently went with a 15 mo and one way, he was up the other way he slept- very big difference.
Bring non messy snacks. Cheerios, puffs...
Bring non messy Toys, preferably ones he hadn't seen in a while. If your son is anything like mine though, that won't keep him distracted for long.
Let him watch kids cartoons.
Take walks up and down the plane.
Bring a lot of disposable sippy cups.
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pesek zman


Post  Thu, Apr 04 2019, 7:15 pm
This is the hardest age for (international) travel. Sorry. No advice just sympathies
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Post  Thu, Apr 04 2019, 7:36 pm
If he's the kind of kid who can keep his attention on a screen, give him unlimited screen time. My kids get very minimal screen time but on flights like that it's about survival, not optimal parenting. Unfortunately my kids at that age had no interest in screens, but some kids do.

I will say that proper nutrition is important even on a flight. Assume he will not eat any airline food, and you'll want to keep him full with foods that are light on the tummy but also nutritious. Crudites and strips of grilled chicken breast, for example.
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Post  Thu, Apr 04 2019, 8:03 pm
Make sure you have tylenol, benadryl or any meds in small bottles. My grandson developed fever and when we bought tylenol in airport (we had a stopover) it was taken away because the bottle was too big. Luckily someone on the flight had children’s tylenol
Plenty of diapers, change of clothes(cmfy cotton pjs are the best)
A carrier like babybjorne is sometimes better than a stroller.
Bottle with powder formula ready for adding water. Security takes everything with liquid away. Liftoff and landing put pressure on ears- have a pacifier or bottle ready to suck on to help.
Immunization records.
Teething ring.
Put things into ziplock bags so you can find them easily in your bag and a couple for dirty or wet clothing.
Baby jar with spoons(plastic spoons on plane are sharp) if its elal they have kosher yogurt and food. If not take your own.
Last but not least- patience
And if someone like me asks if she can hold your baby( on the plane)to give you a break- say yes please.
Safe flight and a wonderful yomtov too you
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