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Post  Mon, Apr 15 2019, 4:24 am
As we get to the warmer weather. I'm starting to feel overwhelmed with getting the kids to sleep. They all come in from playing outside heavy from perspiration. I have a baby just started eating solids and needs a wash down. A toddler, preschooler and twins just turned 7. I need help figuring out how to do this. What do I do with the baby while I give baths. In the nice weather the kids are out close to bedtime at least until 6:30, usually even later. I have to be out with them. Dinner for them is at 5:00 when they come home from school, and camp in the summer. Also should I wash the bathtub between each child? You get kids go to sleep at 7:30- 8:00 and get up each morning between 7-7-30.
Curious what others do with children this age.
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Post  Mon, Apr 15 2019, 7:33 am
I make them come in earlier. I set a time and they all know. First few days are hard with lots of complaints. But at the end everyone ends up feeling better and doing better with a good schedule.
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Post  Mon, Apr 15 2019, 7:53 am
Don't bother washing the tub down between kids unless someone has something contagious.
The 7 year olds should be ready to start washing themselves with just some supervision.
Would you be comfortable bathing the little ones that are the same gender together?

Do you have more than 1 tub that big kids can bathe themselves while you do little ones?

I would do something like this:
Bathe baby right after his dinner before going outside while the kids finish up eating.
As soon as you come in, bathe the little kids while big kids take out PJs, clean up, or just chill. Let the baby play on the bathroom floor with you. Then, big kids shower /bathe while little kids get into pjs and play. If you're tight on time, you can even start putting them to bed at that point, checking in on big kid in the bathroom every so often.
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Post  Thu, Apr 18 2019, 2:38 am
If you are home during day with baby you can bathe baby at any time during day. It doesn't have to be same time as the older kids. Sane if toddler is home with you during day.
If it's too much for you, not all of them need to be bathed on same day. You can make a rotation. 7 yr olds should bathe on their own
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Post  Thu, Apr 18 2019, 7:19 am
Get a handheld shower. It makes showering or bathing ur kids much faster.

PowerSpa 7-Setting Luxury Hand Shower with On/Off Pause Switch, Chrome

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Post  Thu, Apr 18 2019, 7:29 am
I keep a spray bottle of scrubbing bubbles in the bathroom. When needed I spray the bath after one kid is done, then rinse with hand held shower head with very hot water. Takes 2 minutes.

I’d also let 7 yr old play with baby in the room next door to bathroom while you bathe the other little kids.
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Post  Thu, Apr 18 2019, 11:24 am
I’m confused. Wasn’t there another thread on this topic? Op was that you?
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Post  Thu, Apr 18 2019, 12:51 pm
Am I the only one who's never heard of washing the tub in between kids?
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Post  Thu, Apr 18 2019, 12:57 pm
bsy wrote:
Am I the only one who's never heard of washing the tub in between kids?

If the child has warts or pinworms, washing the tub is necessary. Otherwise, it should be fine.

DD was fine at 6yo if I left her in the bathtub. She only needed help with washing her hair, and with drying off.

With a baby, you can always bring a bouncy seat or car seat in with you, so that baby will be right by your side and can't crawl away. When I desperately needed a shower, I would drag the high chair upstairs, and DD would sit there while I washed, and I'd peek out and talk to her the whole time.
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Post  Thu, Apr 18 2019, 5:06 pm
If the baby sits you bathe baby with the others. Line the 3 younger up in the tub shower them all with the handheld. 7 year olds can bathe themselves. My oldest is 5 and still needs help hair washing but actually mostly soaps my preschooler as well.
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