Guest who hates everything
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Post  Tue, Apr 23 2019, 8:50 am
I would not invite her anymore.
But if you feel like you should, the I would talk to her beforehand:

I know there's loads of foods you don't like. That's why I want you to bring a few things that you do like.

Once she's there and making a fuss: I understand you don't like xyz, for us it's a special thing to eat so please stop going on and on about how you dislike it, thanks.

I don't think someone would continue if they're asked very directly.
And if they do... They shouldn't expect any invitations...
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Post  Tue, Apr 23 2019, 8:53 am
Negative people really are very draining.

OP, think to yourself with each kvetch that you hear from her that you are putting up a gorgeous place for yourself in the world to come. Visualize it and picture it. You are really packing in the reward.
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