Kitchen design: eat-in table, or bar?
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Post  Sun, May 12 2019, 4:14 pm
My island has bar stools on one side. Can you do something like that? Maybe on two or more sides?
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Post  Sun, May 12 2019, 5:01 pm
Maybe a smaller table that can go against the wall? I like a table and this is what we do for now. We have young kids and I don't want to be cleaning the dining room chairs walls after every breakfast. We can't fit everyone around the kitchen table and kind of eat in shifts during the week.
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Rubber Ducky


Post  Mon, May 13 2019, 8:09 am
[quote="amother [ OP ]"]
Rubber Ducky wrote:
In general, a table and chairs. But how is it that a bar would have to face the wall if there's room for a table and chairs?

Sounds to me like the design should be analyzed more closely. Maybe you're missing something.[/quote

It's a different space.

I can get in extra counters and cabinets if for eating I just put a bar against another wall, but if I eliminate those counters and cabinets, I have approximately 8 feet by 8 feet of space.
Is that enough space for a kitchen table seating minimum six people? (Chairs or benches)

You can get a booth into an 8X8 space. L-shape with chairs on the second long side, U-shape, or push the table against the wall and have seating on the 2 sides. Table width 30" - 36" and length 60" - 72" depending on what else is going on there. Benches take up less room than chairs, and you will have to get a trestle or pedestal table.

In my residential and kitchen design business, I find that people strongly prefer tables to bars. And a bar facing a blank wall is the worst!
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Post  Mon, May 13 2019, 5:08 pm
Kitchen is hot, noisy, smells...
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Post  Mon, May 13 2019, 5:10 pm
Ruchel wrote:
Kitchen is hot, noisy, smells...

My kitchen is warm, cozy and heart: My kids only want to be where mom is!
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