Zanvel Zevulun's wife is back with some pertinent questions.
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Post  Thu, Jun 20 2019, 12:09 am
My brain makes interesting connections:
amother [ Goldenrod ] wrote:
By the way, Mrs. Zanvel Zevulun, my husband doesn't look at women of course because of Shmiras Ha'einayim, but when he was looking down not to ch"v see your face, he did notice your stomach, and mentioned to me not in a way of Lashon Hara that it was slightly rounder than usual. Are you sure that maybe you're not expecting a new little Zeeskeit but your husband didn't tell you yet? I know that some are makpid not to use EPT kinds of things, because Mei Raglayim can be tumah, but maybe you should ask my husband if he can be matir for you.

And from the photos in magazine thread:
amother [ Ginger ] wrote:
First - Faces are never considered non-tznius. So what's the problem with printing headshots?
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top mom


Post  Thu, Jun 20 2019, 3:14 am
Yes, witchkitty, your brain makes interesting connections!😁
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