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Post  Thu, Jun 13 2019, 1:27 am
My daughter was completely toilet trained day and night when she was 20 mons. After a few mons she had a uti and regressed for the night. She was in diapers for a while at night then every few weeks I tried again. I didnt give her drinks from hour before bedtime, would take her to the bathroom before bed and once durnig the night.... but now shes 4 and keeps having accidents at night.She refuses to wear diapers or pull ups...
Im tired of changing pjs and linnen once or even twice a night.
Any tips or ideas how to get her 2 stay dry all night????
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Post  Thu, Jun 13 2019, 7:27 am
Do you have a baby monitor in her room?

If you hear her fussing in her sleep, take her and put her on the potty. I'll bet she goes, and you can put her right back down without fully waking up. Soon you'll find her pattern, and what time of the night she needs to go. Eventually her body will connect waking up with needing to go pee, and she'll wake up fully and take herself to the bathroom, or ask you to go with her.

Setbacks can be super frustrating, but so very common. I'd say it's way more common than kids who are just night trained and don't have accidents ever again.

BTW, your DD is right to not wear diapers to bed. She needs to feel uncomfortable in order to wake herself up, and diapers are just too easy. Unless you are using cloth diapers that get soggy and clammy, she's not going to get the signal.

Sorry mama, but you're going to be doing some laundry until he gets her sleep cycle and body cues talking to each other.
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Post  Thu, Jun 13 2019, 6:56 pm
Thank you
Yes I have monitor but I sleep.... I just take her before I go to bed and then once in middle of the night. cant be up all night....
But for how long will I be changing linned? Been doing this for over a year now....
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