Moving Back to Brooklyn after living in Lakewood
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Post  Thu, Jun 20 2019, 10:52 pm
OP here
I think we all knew that Lakewood is not BP ,and whoever moves here is up to the challenge.
We all moved for different circumstances , I personally moved because I outgrew my apartment and being honest which young couple can afford a house in BP without parents help? Yes I’m chassidish and moved to a development where I felt at least I would have company from other young couples in similar situations , one word of advice I would tell anyone who moves into a development , do not move if yo do not belong to the chassidus that is meant to,, you’ll feel like an outsider even if the other women try not to make you feel you that way.
I do miss the stores ,and walking to my parents to the shabbos meals and my kids being able to walk to bubbie. The simple fact of walking late at night and seeing other people ... yiddelach coming and going.
I’m aware I have to get past my fear of driving TMI
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Post  Thu, Jun 20 2019, 11:06 pm
amother [ Pearl ] wrote:
Respectfully disagree.
I moved to KJ from Williamsburg. We lived in a development for 2.5 years.

I am a social person. But that was too too much. And the development we lived in has plenty of grass. Lots of grass behind my apt and in the sides.....
I didn't even know how much I hated it until I moved into our own house.
We have privacy, space and peace.

A front and back yard. Flowers and 30+ trees and shrubs. The breeze is gan eden!
If I want I can always take a walk and there will be someone else sitting outside and inviting me to join.... I've also built some really nice and strong relationships with my new Neighbors.
At least 75% of us here are brooklyners. (Williamsburg/bp)

If I moved out of brooklyn, wby live like sardines one on top of the other???
If I have the hardship of living upstate, I must at least have the benefit. And the benefit outweighs the hardship 5:1.....

Lakewood is not KJ. While many developments are duplexes and everyone is on top of each other, I live in a beautiful Lakewood development that is single family homes with huge yards, and it’s the best of all worlds. The neighbors are like family but we have grass and peace that no money can buy.

OP unless you really want to move back to BP you have to break down what is holding you back from liking Lakewood.
1. Driving - pay for lessons, it’s an easy fix
2. Neighborhood - maybe a different development or area would suit you better. Do you have any friends in Lakewood who you could move near so you’re not starting alone in a new neighborhood?
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Post  Thu, Jun 20 2019, 11:33 pm
Reading this post is making my stomach turn..
Im moving to Toms river from BP iyh at the end of the summer and I hope I find friends / nice neighbors. Kids make friends in new school
And yes I do drive,and have my own car now to get used to driving. I cant even begin to imagine how hard it is without a car there..
My sil is moving there next week and doesnt drive and Im nervous for her.
Any tips for me?
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