How long did it take you to learn driving?
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Post  Mon, Jun 24 2019, 10:44 pm
amother [ Mustard ] wrote:
My question is- how long from when you started driving till you felt comfortable on the thruway? (for NY'ers or whatevers equivalent to your state/city)

After my lessons, I BH passed my road test. But then I decided to take highway lessons right away before I chickened out.
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Post  Mon, Jun 24 2019, 11:11 pm
No classroom hours. I took my permit exam and then my father took me driving starting in parking lots and quiet streets. I took 1 lesson on the highway (and found it much easer than city drivng) but was basically taught by my dad. I was and am a scared driver but the instructer agreed with my dad that I was ready for the test, which I bH passed. I was and am much more comfortable on highways than Brooklyn streets.

My dd practiced mostly with me and a little with my dh. I can't imagine she had anywhere near 45 hours behind the wheel. She took 2 lessons and the instructor taught her parallel parking and went through everything she'd be tested on. BH she passed but went to seminary before she had much experience driving highway. Now that she's back that's a top priority of hers.

I will add that I feel some peope have 'a feel' for driving, which makes a huge difference. I have some brothers who got behind the wheel the first time with my dad and just drove. Comfortably.
And I think that dd, despite her lack of highway experience, is already a better driver than me in some areas, especially parallel parking.
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