Need help planing vacation to London

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Post  Sun, Jun 23 2019, 11:20 am
I need help planing a vacation to London
we will be going for about 2 weeks
we will be traveling by bus and underground.
What ages do you have to pay the bus/underground for?
what is the cheapest option since I will be there for 2 weeks
and will be spending a lot of money on buses/trains?
what are some free/cheap places to visit?
any info would be greatly appreciated
are there any cheap places to eat out?
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Post  Mon, Jun 24 2019, 9:12 am
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Post  Mon, Jun 24 2019, 9:16 am
Can't answer your questions about the bussing/trains because my fabulous family there takes such good care of me when I visit. But I will say that the London underground is super-easy to navigate. When I was 15 and visiting, I took all my younger cousins for a day out (break for their mothers) and we went somewhere by ourselves, navigating the system with no trouble at all.

Oxford Square is fun to visit, though if you buy stuff it certainly isn't free. My daughter loved seeing all the same stores we have here in the US, with English prices (so you are basically paying 150% of the price.) Do visit Hamleys and see all the cool lego figures, if they are still there. The old London Phone Booth out of lego was our favorite (with all due respect to the figures of the Queen and her family.)

Buckingham Palace and change of the guard is free, and you can walk around the area to see the various houses and buildings. Really cool.

If you are going to do something that costs, I strongly recommend the Tower Of London.
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Post  Mon, Jun 24 2019, 1:46 pm
thanks Chayalle anyone else?
no London imamothers on here?
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Post  Wed, Jun 26 2019, 4:47 pm
hi. the bus, underground, Overground is free up to 10 yrs. from 11-15 it would be free but you need to have an oyster photocard. (perhaps u can try n find out if u can show ur passport if that would be ok) for over 15 u need to buy a oyster card at the newsagent and then top up the card. you would then scan the card on every trip. the underground is extremely easy to use.
regarding outings are you looking for only sightseeing or regular parks etc.
there is a bus boat service which runs along the thames, and is really fun and cheap. it also works with the oyster . I think you get on at greenwich.
harrods and hamleys shopping
changing of the guards is in the morning . you need to find out the days its on, might b on every even or odd day. it's also weather permitting . after the procession there is also some horse parade. and a park nearby .
regents park is a lovely park. there is boating there .
hope ive helped. enjoy ur trip . n bring an umbrella!
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Post  Wed, Jun 26 2019, 7:18 pm
Hi sorry I missed this thread first time round!

As chesed above said Re public transport- all really straight forward. Def buy Oyster cards for adults travelling. I think you pay £5 to get the card but get the money back when you give it back. Not all underground stations have members of staff there all the time though. If your staying in GG or Hendon, I think both gg and Hendon Central stations have staff available to help, but Brent Cross station definitely doesn’t always have help. Buses are all straight forward, but not necessarily cheaper and take longer than the tube. Take a look online at the maps and routes.

There aren’t really any cheap places to eat, just some cheaper than others. Slice and Pizzaza are both pizza/pasta places. You have Soyo which does a delicious breakfast- and novellino another tasty milky restaurant but definitely not cheap. Meaty you have White House and Sami’s as good fast food places, and hummus bar is apparently amazing although I have never been! . Lots of bakeries and grocery shops on Golders Green road- can certainly buy DIY meals easily.

If venturing out to Edgware You have another pizza shop, tasty pizza. They used to have a buy one get one free any size pies on Monday and Tuesday I think- might still have the offer. Also Aviv restaurant in Edgware - lovely set menus.

Almost all museums are free- the science museum is lovely, natural history one too - especially for those who like dinosaurs! RAF museum is local to Hendon, I think Colindale would be nearest tube station. It’s interesting to see.

Thames mbna clipper is fun- boat tour on the Thames with all the landmarks pointed out. And the Emirates sky line is a cable car over the river- not cheap and not so necessary to do either but might be of interest.

Along the south bank over the weekend you have a load of entertaining guys there- statues, dance groups and the like. You find similar in Covent Gardens too.

Hard to think of what else there is to offer here in London! We take our kids to the many play parks around- golders hill park has a couple of animals too.

Good luck, sorry to not be of more help!
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