Quote from Fox about frum magazines
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Post  Tue, Jun 25 2019, 11:47 am
The good part of secular fiction and novels is that you know from the start that it's usually not good for your spirituality to begin with. You can call a spade a spade even if you enjoy it. The other non secular counterparts are better at coming across like they're good for your spirituality while they are not. It gets cloaked in religion. Just my take on it.
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Post  Wed, Jun 26 2019, 9:34 am
Reading material definitely has influence, though it's usually subconsciously.

Imamother, for example, has brought to my attention how other frum people conduct themselves or live their lifestyle. Though I am still doing what is the "norm" in my specific community, I am more aware how outsiders view the behavior. I probably reconsider some spending or actions instead of doing so "automatically".
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Post  Wed, Jun 26 2019, 9:46 am
I’m clearly not the target audience for these magazines, and wouldn’t bring them into my home because I don’t like the messsage that having no pics of females sends to my dds.

But I have seen some of them and notice that the ads do seem to fetishize being rich. Everything they sell is “top” of “luxurious” “grand”. It’s interesting.
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