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Post  Mon, Jun 24 2019, 2:11 pm
Apropos of the thread in which members recommend using plastic tablecloths and the like for rolling dough:

PLEASE don’t use plastic tablecloths, trash bags, dry cleaner bags or ANY other non-food-grade plastic film for rolling dough or wrapping food. If you must, cut open a food storage bag and use that. Plastics that have not been made specifically for use with food may contain any number of toxic compounds that can leach into the food. These include lead, carcinogens, and estrogen-like compounds that can disrupt normal hormonal function and contribute to infertility among other conditions.

Even food-grade plastics can leach harmful plasticizers into food; non-food-grade plastics even more so.

Unless a plastic product is made for food such as food storage bags, or labeled as food-grade, assume that it is NOT food-safe.
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