Cooking for someone who has nausea

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Post  Mon, Jul 01 2019, 1:06 pm
I'm working part time as a mother's helper, for a woman with a difficult pregnancy.

Just looking at food makes her nauseated, and she doesn't know what to cook for her family. Her DH will eat anything, and she has a picky 3yo.

I want to cook dinners for her while I'm there. Things without too much spice, won't smell up the house too bad, and can be reheated easily. Things I can freeze in smaller batches are good too, because I'm OK with cooking large amounts all at once.

I have access to a fleishig Instant-pot.

Posting anon here, in case someone identifies my employer.
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Post  Mon, Jul 01 2019, 1:17 pm
Fruit soup or ambrosia (or jello) can sometimes be tolerated by someone nauseas.

What does the 3 year old not eat so we can guide you better?
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Post  Mon, Jul 01 2019, 8:35 pm
The mom is drinking smoothies, so that's good.

The three year old only likes things that are plain. Crackers, pasta with nothing on it, basically just unseasoned carbs. We're trying to get her interested in more veggies and protein. She does like fruit and nuts as a snack, and is well fed at gan.
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Post  Mon, Jul 01 2019, 8:56 pm
Kol hakavod to you for wanting to help above and beyond your stated childcaring duties! When I was in that situation as the mom I couldn't stand any cooking smells, but proteins were the worst offenders. I would hide out in my room with the door shut while DH cooked chicken or meat or fish for himself and the kids and even then I would throw up from the smell.

Is there any chance that you could cook in your own home and bring the food over? Reheating food quickly smells less than cooking from scratch. If not, then consult with the family as to what they would like to eat. Asking us won't really be helpful since we don't know their preferences and each pregnant woman has her own quirks as to what she can stand to eat and what she needs to avoid.
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Post  Mon, Jul 01 2019, 8:58 pm
Things I could eat while pregnant if other people cooked them for me: hard boiled eggs, quinoa, chicken soup, sweet potatoes, tofu dishes, lentil soup, pizza, lasagna
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Post  Mon, Jul 01 2019, 9:20 pm
Try to get the 3 year old involved in the food prep. She might be more inclined to eat the food she has helped make. Can you use a bbq and make protein in there? You can make extra chicken breast or steak and serve it cold the next day with salad. Also, try baked potato with tuna/cottage cheese and veggies. Maybe spaghetti with sauteed onions and pepper slices, topped with feta cheese. Israeli beans and rice are delicious as well. Peaslovncarrots has a great recipe for that.
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Post  Mon, Jul 01 2019, 9:25 pm
Do you have access to a grill? When I was in my first few months of pregnancy, and I was nauseous, I prepare lots of stuff for my husband to heat up on his own. I prepared shnitzel, meatballs, marinated cutlets, burgers, basically things that he can throw on the stove or a grill on his own and not have to involve me.
As far as me, I basically lived on baked potatoes with extra virgin olive oil and some salt. I also like fruit, and baby carrots, etc

And when I was up to it, I had some hearty vegetable soups, and eggs.

I also ate tofu stir frys.
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Post  Wed, Jul 03 2019, 1:20 pm
For the mom maybe some smoothies could work. The smoothies can have yogurt or almond milk with fruits and some peanut butter, sometimes this can alleviate nausea.
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Post  Wed, Jul 03 2019, 3:02 pm
It sounds like I'm on the right track.

Mom is having smoothies, protein on Shabbos, and occasional snacks. The problem, is nothing sounds good to her!

DH is sensory, and doesn't like food that is mixed up. One pot meals are not his favorite.

Today, the 3yo had to be talked into trying a tiny bit of plain tomato sauce on her pasta. She is so incredibly stubborn! We offer food, and if she says no we just drop the issue and continue eating the meal. She eats extremely well at gan, so that's not a big worry.

I told the family that if they want me to make something, email me. I'll buy the ingredients on the way over, save the receipts, and they can reimburse me. I'll cook it and have it ready by the time that dad comes home from work.

The dad is great, BTW. He does all the meat cooking, and does all of Shabbos. I just want to give them some more every day options that can be easily heated up.
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