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Post  Wed, Jul 10 2019, 6:56 pm
Please share your ideas to make the best use of your space at home.
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Post  Wed, Jul 10 2019, 7:03 pm
Get rid of stuff you don’t need!
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polka dots


Post  Wed, Jul 10 2019, 7:19 pm
kugelzlady wrote:
Get rid of stuff you don’t need!

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Post  Wed, Jul 10 2019, 7:20 pm
-Shoe organizer inside pantry door for granola bars and small snacks
-Skinny sliding rack that fits on the side of fridge for spices and Pam
-Onions and potatoes in (seperate) dollar tree containers above the fridge
-Simple screw in hooks under my top cabinets to hang mugs (I made a cute, small coffee+tea station using a small, white dollar tree container)
-Beds with trundles
-There is a lot of space under my bathroom sinks, just above all the bottles and things under there. So I put a shelf in the middle
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Post  Wed, Jul 10 2019, 8:07 pm
Oh man! we are good at this thanks to living in small homes:

under the beds and couches are made for storage. Whether you can fit one of those nifty plastic containers, or just piles of the school books that you need or just spare blankets in vacuum bags.

Hang anything from the wall that you can. Drying racks, sponge holders, (Then you can use the area behind the sink where you would have kept them for your cutting boards on top of a towel), shelves, bags, etc.

any shelving you have should go as high as possible, but remember you can use the area on top of the top shelf too.

Plastic drawers (like the kind that you get for $10 at target) can fit under tables, into closets under hanging clothes, into random corners.

Speaking of closets, if you have spare space, they make shelves that hang from the rod for extra storage.

You can book either shoe racks or hanging shelving on both sides of your pantry door for the little things. In general, backs of doors are excellent storage. (We like using them for sweatshirts and purses)

We found it worthwhile to use the built in coat closet for storage and put a free-standing rack in our entrance hallway for coats.

In terms of the kitchen: stacking containers are your friends. Also, don't forget about above the microwave and above the fridge as storage places.

Are there specific items you're struggling to find a home for that we could help with?
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andrea levy


Post  Wed, Jul 10 2019, 9:47 pm
Get rid of as much stuff as possible
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Post  Wed, Jul 10 2019, 10:04 pm
What can I store plastic bags in? I dont have shelf or cabinet space but I have room / closet
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Post  Wed, Jul 10 2019, 10:05 pm
Marathon wrote:
What can I store plastic bags in? I dont have shelf or cabinet space but I have room / closet

Hang 1 bag on a nail in your pantry or something and stuff it with other bags.
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Post  Wed, Jul 10 2019, 10:06 pm
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Post  Wed, Jul 10 2019, 10:08 pm
momsrus wrote:
ikea has this for like 2 bucks, and you can stick it to a door or wall with double sided tape
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Post  Wed, Jul 10 2019, 11:56 pm
Okay here goes.
If you don't care about how nice things look then these are some of the things that worked for us:
We have a few shelves above the toilet seat that are meant for fitting exactly the right height that way. They are not mounted to the wall, rather standing from the floor.
We have those storage things you can hang from the shower spout to keep stuff like shampoo. We used to have a few shelfs that attached to the corner of the bathtub and went until the ceiling which is how it stayed in place. We have hooks over some of the doors.
Yes we definitely keep things under the beds and also behind the couch (right now our ladder is there and it really isn't noticable).
In the corner of our playroom we have a net storage thing that hangs from the ceiling and is good for storing teddy bears, balls, or other larger toys that don't fit well in shelfs or baskets.
Board games we keep on top of any furniture that is flat on top and we try to lay them out flat across so is not to be too much of an eye soar.
We try piling up large items as much as we can such as stacking file cabinets on top of each other.
In one of our bedrooms we got a much larger wider and taller dresser than we had before which surprisingly cleared up space because extra stuff we had nowhere to put beforehand we now can store in there.
Also all my closets have either shelfs or hanging space from the ceiling until the rod that was there beforehand. Instead of leaving the space above the rod empty.
Also, storing shoes is a big deal and it's worth it to use the smallest storage thing you can either on the closet door or in the small wooden shoe compartments that you can stick in the bottom of the closet underneath either kid clothes or shirts/skirts that aren't long.
I second the suggestion of the cheap plastic drawers especially for little kids as there is no reason a baby's or 2 year old's or even 4 year old's shirts or pants or underwear or whatever can't be stuffed in a really tiny plastic drawer.
Basically I make sure all drawers are filled to capacity and if there is any extra room I will have one drawer be for 2 or even several things and be neat and organized about which side of the drawer is for what.
I also keep a lot of stuff on top of the washing machine / dryer.
We have a storage closet that came with shelves that are quite deep. We took them out and put plastic wheelable shelves instead so that there are now two whole sets of shelves instead of one and when we want to reach the back shelves we just can wheel the front ones out of the closet.
If there is any kitchen wall space at all you can mount any microwaves or toaster ovens you have so it doesn't take up counter space.
I order certain things I have no room for by the case so it looks neater. For example I used to have literally no where to put extra drinks and now that it's in cases we just pile the cases on top of each other and even though it takes up space it actually looks much better somehow. I don't know if you have a car, but I do and store whatever I can in the trunk too like umbrellas, sunglasses, etc...and if I need those things when we aren't driving I just go to the car and get them.
I store things like plastic containers piled above the pots and pans in the bottom kitchen cabinets. I don't love having them in the way there but it does save space. I am a shoeaholic and am planning to build myself a custom compact shoe rack/shelf. In the meantime some shoes I have literally no where to put are piled in shoe boxes behind the dresser.
We have a shelf on top of the computer desk where we keep stuff.
I know none of these suggestions are particularly appealing to the eye so if that's important to you then please disregard my post!
And sorry I don't have the time to post links for these.
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