"Best things come in small packages" said to a tall person
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Post  Wed, Aug 14 2019, 11:54 am
amother [ Brunette ] wrote:
I'm not saying that you are like that in any way. But if you're short and spend a lot of time hearing not-so-nice remarks about your size, you can get a little cranky. Kind of the way you feel when your aunt makes her comments.

Not really, because I don't feel like attacking random short people just because a few short people have been rude to me about my height. I do not behave as if I think all short people have the same mindset, my problem and reaction is specifically with people who are rude.

Anyway, so I met my aunt and… she did not make the comment!. For the first meeting, she arrived very late and barely had time to apologise before the function was over. By the second meeting she observed that her 7yo granddaughter was taller than my 7yo DD! Surprising, since her own daugher and SIL are short. Her own daughter had also gained quite a bit of weight, so making such a comment would have been doubly out of place.
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