Please pay me back!

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Post  Tue, Aug 13 2019, 11:11 am
Just a vent:
I arranged a really nice shower for a friend. I worked very hard, coordinated everything, hosted it, shopped for it.
Everyone was supposed to pay me back for the money I laid out, but by the end of the shower, everyone had another story...
"Oh, I only have $20 on me..."
"I forgot to bring money, I'll pay you back a different time..."
"I am two dollars short..."
Everyone left, I have a huge mess to clean up (which I'm happy to do - I did host it!) but it feels so frustrating that I literally walked away without a penny (All that money went to another friend who bought the gift).
Of course I hope to get some of the money back, but I know I will never get all. People forget, and I'm left looking like the petty one when I ask for my $2.
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Post  Tue, Aug 13 2019, 11:16 am
Unfortunately that is human nature. Has definitely happened to me, in a variety of scenarios. Hopefully most people will but you probably will end up out at least some of the $.. I have a friend who used to be very careless in this regard. Then something like this happened to her. Now she is very careful to pay what she owes promptly.
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Post  Tue, Aug 13 2019, 11:17 am
I'm sorry this happened.

I'm finding Venmo and Zelle to be super quick and easy when I chip in for a gift with friends; no need for cash or a wallet!
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Post  Tue, Aug 13 2019, 11:18 am
That's so aggravating!

There are so many payment apps now, I find the most convenient thing is just sending an email, whatsapp, whatever, with the link to your paypal, zelle, cashwallet, whatever app you prefer. Give the links to all of the apps you have and request payment. If you send it as a group thing to all of the hosts, it will come off as not petty. Just, hi everyone, thanks for going in on the shower with me! For those of you who need to reimburse me, here is a link to my payment app.

These apps take literally 2 minutes to set up. There is no excuse. I once had to pay a babysitter and realized I had no cash. She said she prefers zelle. It took MAYBE 45 seconds to set up, and she was paid. So if anyone gives you a runaround or a hard time, just tell them it takes 2 mins and then be done with it.

If they still give you a hard time, pull the Elul card. Works every time.
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Post  Tue, Aug 13 2019, 11:20 am
How many people owe you? Do you have their contact info? Perhaps send a group text saying: It was so nice joining together to celebrate at Sara's shower. I was so happy to help with all the planning and work, but I did not intend to finance more than my share. If I laid out money for you, kindly find a way to pay me ASAP. Thank you!
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