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Post  Fri, Aug 23 2019, 5:14 pm
Frenchfry wrote:
I don't believe that any yeshiva education background means that you can keep a child up to par on a high school level. And you can't possibly put in the number of hours that a child is getting in a Jewish school. At least until high school, teaching secular studies to your own child does not require higher education. The availably of resources for limudei Chol is endless, while limudei Kodesh teaching resources are so limited. Besides, so many of the benefits of Jewish school education lie not in the material, but the atmosphere.

While I agree with what you say about the atmosphere no doubt, quality Jewish education is expensive. A Yeshiva that has good secular and kodesh costs a lot, which is the basic reason why we needed PS. Most are around 15-40k, that's a lot for us. At least we know enough kodesh to pass along and we are managing this way, it's not the same but it's what we can do now( and this is why a private forum is necessary).
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