S/o. Please post your tips on freezing food

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Post  Sun, Aug 25 2019, 4:44 pm
What foods do you freeze, how, and what is the best way to defrost it (ex. Straight from freezer into oven, which temp or defrost in fridge overnight...)
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Post  Sun, Aug 25 2019, 8:23 pm
Super important to wrap properly before putting in the freezer. Foil and then ziplock bag. Label well if you're making lots of stuff ahead !
Most side dishes freeze beautifully.
Potato kugel, lukshen kugel, cranberry kugel, farfel, orzo with vegetables.
I personally don't freeze chicken soup because we like to eat the vegetables from the soup and they don't come out good after freezing but if you serve broth with lukshen or matza balls you can make that ahead (including lukshen and matza balls!)
Roast, meatballs in tomato sauce freeze well.
I prepare chicken in 9×13 cleaned and spiced. Just stick in oven to bake.
Challa and all baked goods freeze very well!
All blended soup freeze very well, make sure to reheat well on low fire.( split pea soup, lentil in soup, mushroom barley soup, butternut squash or zuchini soup)
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Post  Mon, Aug 26 2019, 3:49 pm
I like freezing soups in aluminum pans with a cover & then it goes right on the hot plate in the same container & can be tossed right after serving - no defrosting and transferring to a pot which would leave you with a dirty container & a dirty pot
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Post  Mon, Aug 26 2019, 4:21 pm
Do you freeze these foods cooked or raw? And if cooked, do you cook it fully or just halfway?
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Post  Mon, Aug 26 2019, 9:20 pm
hodeez wrote:
Do you freeze these foods cooked or raw? And if cooked, do you cook it fully or just halfway?

Depends when you're planning on using it!
On shabbos you can't really cook, just warm up so usually fully cooked before!
Yom tov food depends how long I have to warm it up. Food for the night meal I also try to cook before so I just warm up quickly.
For the day meal I'm more flexible with the timing so I either make food that can simmer for a while(for ex roast) or only partially cooked.
I personally don't like reheated chicken so I'll leave that raw and serve only when I can cook it right before.
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Post  Tue, Aug 27 2019, 7:59 am
Most foods can be frozen. I regularly freeze:

cooked gefilte fish and sauce
chicken soup/consomme (without the veg)
vegetable soup (if they have potato in, it'll need a re-blend to get smooth texture back)
lokshen/pasta - just pour hot water over to reheat so dont overcook when defrosting
potato and lokshen and all kugels (to reheat potato put it straight in the oven from frozen)
sauteed cabbage
minced beef dishes (bolognaise, meat loaf, shepherds pie)
all beef/lamb/turkey roasts and steaks (think yom tov)

I have successfully frozen half-roasted chicken on the bone, I defrosted and finished roasting in oven, it was delicious. I have done cholent like this as well, if I knew in advance I wouldn't manage on Friday.

usually side dishes of hot vegetables dont freeze well (tzimmes, green beans)

always label and date and write if meaty/milky so that you dont need to open it up to remind yourself what it is. the better you seal the food, the better it will taste when you defrost.
you can also add when its for (eg, Sukkos lunch first days) and what to serve with it and what to add to it before serving (eg, fresh herbs or thickener) so you don't need to open the recipe book again.
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